Winter Break Teachable Moments

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  1. Mattie Hoskins says:

    Love the counting days ideas.  I will definately use this even after winter break, I’m thinking maybe the countdown till school is over. This morning I tried gift wrapping with my daughter (3rd grade) and after I had her measure the box and right down all her measurements, I couldn’t figure out how to apply the information to the gift wrap.  Any ideas?  Would love if you could give more information about this.  Right now we homeschool, but I’m considering finding a virtual school that would match my daughters needs. 

  2. Glad you are enjoying these ideas. 
    Here’s a suggestion on how you could help your daughter estimate the needed gift wrap.  I’m not sure about the size and shape of the gift you are covering, so make sure these directions apply or make modifications as needed. 
    By third grade most students understand that the math term “area” means the number of unit squares equal to the amount of space the surface covers.  The gift wrap needs to cover the surface of the gift. Start by having her measure around the largest part of the box (like taking a waist measurement).  Write down that measurement. This measurement may also help in determining the length of the ribbon you need.  Then have her measure the width of the piece of gift wrapping paper she is using, to see if the paper will be wide enough or long enough.  
    If you would like her to calculate the surface area of the gift in it’s entirety, here is an example to remind you how.  Remember to add in some extra on each end for the cute little fold you tape down! 

  3. Annonomus :) says:

    Connections is da best!

  4. AquaMan says:

    Yeah our family is doing advent which we all have fun with.

  5. Åmber says:

    I know one thing coming from a kid is that we like to read interesting books!
    We want to pick out our own books and read them! It takes me months to read one that I don’t like but a few days to read one that I do!
    So don’t pick the book out for your kid…let them do it!

  6. Kalin Nicholson says:

    I count the days already, it seems like I always have something going on. And reading is what I do all the time. My parents only allow us to watch TV on the weekends. So I have always been into reading.

  7. fanboy says:

    Best Idea ever

  8. Luv<3 says:

    Love the idea cool

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