Understanding Your Student’s Learning Style: The Theory of Multiple…

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  1. Aditi Rao says:

    This is a great summary of Gardner’s multiple intelligences. I myself have recently posted an article featuring 13 technology tools that cater to verbal/linguistic learners. You might enjoy checking it out!

  2. Pat says:

    I think it’s important to distinguish between the multiple intelligences and the learning modalities. There are many multiple intelligences based on various types of skills and talents. The learing modalities though are based on which sensory input channel someone learns better through.

    I’m sure there is overlap. Kinesthetic learners may be more likely to be talented dancers or athletes. But I think they’re still talking about two different things.

  3. People learn most effectively when the strategies used are closely matched with their preferred learning style sometimes we can improve our learning by knowing what our strengths are and then doing more of what we’re good at and often we can improve our learning by knowing what our weaknesses are and trying to enhance our skills in these areas

  4. Vicky says:

    This is Vicky,

    Peoples learning styles are very important in learning. It can really make a difference when it comes to understanding the material.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Hi this was great info 

  6. kenny says:

    i like tests and i am sure this test will show the bright sides to my learning skills and the bad sides.

  7. Gav says:

    Just wanted to point out:
    I’m working on a PPD assignment for part of a degree course and the task is to produce a 10 minute presentation on learning styles and reflection theory. I took the multiple intelligence test and it shows my being a mathematical/logical thinker (which confirms what I thought)

    When starting a task like this, the first thing I do is to produce a spider chart in google docs, outlining what I’m going to do and pin it on the wall in front of me. Upon referencing images, I happened to read your article, specifically:

      “Logical-Mathematical – Use a graphic organizer such as a web or story map to categorize and organize thoughts before writing.”

    Just wanted to thank you, as by using this quote, I can show through my own thought and planning process that this system accurately describes my learning style. You may have earned me my distinction =D

  8. laketa MeDlson says:

    hey this is laketa nelson how do get the essay started

  9. Jennah says:

    I would like to start off by saying this gives GREAT general information on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. When a student can think about how they learn, and apply that to their studying/general skill learning they will feel more successful and be more successful. That’s why I think it is so important for educators to know about this and implement it into their lessons. One of the greatest challenges a teacher has is keeping all of the students engaged and focused. Keeping 30 different people who all have specific needs engaged in a lesson, making sure that it is not too hard for those who have trouble and not to easy for those that excel can be really tough. Not saying that writing a lesson plan with 9 different perceptions would make a teachers job easier. But when students are more successful from the lower end of the spectrum to the higher end, a teacher will be more successful and all of the extra work will have paid off for the students sake. If MI were implemented in lessons plans everyone would be happier and more successful. 

  10. John says:

    This information is very helpful and confirms that my learning style is appropriate and logical for me. It prevents putting everybody into one box and leaving many students frustrated because they don’t fit in.  Every educator should use this tool as a basis for starters.

  11. Dallas Piano Lessons says:

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  12. Sheldon says:

    This information is superb because it lets people know and learn how they learn. 

  13. Aki Natashi says:

    I took the quiz for how well I learn in each category. Here’s my results:


  14. tomlolly500 says:


  15. Christopher L. Chandler says:

    (Picture smart)These people learn best by drawing or visualizing things using the mind’s eye. Visual people learn the most from pictures, diagrams, and other visual aids.

  16. Brandon Lafontaine says:

    I love this

  17. jellytotts says:

    this is absolutely brilliant

  18. Anoop B.S. says:


  19. Abby says:

    This information was really great! Although it’s not necessary to characterize human learning pattern into different categories. Our brain is a vast pool of information and as long as we are willing to learn anything, it doesn’t matter which particular category it falls into and hence it become possible to learn anything!

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