Tips to Increase Student Focus

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6 Responses

  1. daimarie pabon says:

    this sounds perfect for me. i would rather have my school station at home then be distracted by other students in school.

  2. Hollie Jackson says:

    Thank-you for the great tips and the encouragement. I am very excited about this new stage in our families life.

  3. Betsy Briggs says:

    My daughter has done this for a year and loves it and unfortunately I get a lot of negative comments from others to bad everyone doesn’t understand how good this is!

  4. Mirdza says:

    Great tips. I’m glad my kids are homeschooled. Our schedules are so much more flexible so we can enjoy fun times in the sun, the park, the pool, etc a lot more, even while getting our school work done that day. Love it!!

  5. Laurin Gilmer says:

    Great tips!

  6. Catherine Brady says:

    Be organized and check WebMail daily (yours and kids). My girls are in 9th and 11th grade and this has actually made them closer and they laugh a lot more together! That along with learning is priceless for me, really glad we did this!

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