Tips and Tricks to Establishing Online Learning Routines

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  1. Amy Neeld says:

    My son gets up @ 6am, goes for a run, then showers. After that he eats breakfast, then starts up his computer around 7:30( usually wearing boxers lol) He breaks for lunch around 11:30. He is 17 yrs. old and a senior. He also takes a “video game” break after he eats. Usually done with school by 2-2:30. He works 3 days a week and leaves the house by 3:45. Tuesdays are a little different. He volunteers for Habitat for Humanity from 8am-12pm then comes home and eats lunch then gets in a couple hours of lessons.

  2. Marion Matz says:

    I’m still working on a routine because each girl is so different. Once a week is pj day. Not on a test day. Wake up is 8am, get dressed , breakfast, brush teeth, On line by 8:45am. They may choose what lessons first, attend all live lessons. school areas are in their rooms so book work on beds or floor, art and science in kitchen, gym walking dogs, yoga on rainy days. lunch is always 11:30 with family. school starts again 12:30 until 3:00. They can get 2 breaks for drink or snack. after school program at least once a week for review, gymnastics and dance class Mon, and Wed nights. I spend more time with the 5th grader than with the 6th . She is more independent. Reading is 30 min before bed to relax. Free time is spent on reading for pleasure, drawing, hanging with friends..

  3. jompesh says:

    Learning online help students to learn more at any time from any where. It also help kids to get extra time for play and free mind of thinking.

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