The Three R’s of Being a Virtual School Learning Coach

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  1. Deanna says:

    Thank you!  Still a “beginner” level Learning Coach.  My son started at INCA mid-February of 2013. 

  2. Heather McClane says:

    Does the Learning Coach “schedule” the virtual, LiveLesson sessions or is this is a scheduled time determined by the subject-matter teacher?  My two children (8th and 9th grades) are starting Connections this year.  My husband and I have completed the orientation; however, some of the subject-matter remains confusing.  How do we know what courses are LiveLessons, and, if they are LiveLessons, when are they?  Thanks.  Heather

  3. Wendy S says:

    Thanks very good advice….very new at this! It is a bit overwhelming especially when your child starts one week after the beginning  of the school year….I just keep saying that we’ll get caught up but it may take a few weeks. The presentation and the execution are different, but the end product will be the prize!

  4. Christine says:

    This will be exciting and to see how it will all fit in to our daily lives. I work graveyard shift and our sleep routine is not what is considered normal…

  5. melissa sorenson says:

    My child is beginning this year. I am sure at first I will be overwhelmed. My two younger sister’s and my brother were taught at home through American School. My mother also helped my two nieces, my nephew and a neighbor  in learning at home two of these these were through Penn Foster, an online school but it was nothing like this. I am looking forward to this school year to start.

  6. Mrs. nunez says:

    This is my first time in an online school.  I am adjusting to the scheduled classes  and the procedures  of this.  Thank you for the informative guidelines  
    I know this info will be helpful.

  7. Karen says:

    I work fulltime from home and am wondering if I’ll be able to manage being my 12-year-old daughter’s online school.  She is very, very mature and independent.  Does anyone have any advice on whether I’ll be able to do this? 

  8. Amy Padilla says:

    This is my son’s  1st year & seems overwhelming already 

  9. Deretha ` Gregory says:

    This is my daughters first year with online schooling. I think we have made a very good choice taking her out of public school.

  10. FIN says:

    Very excited to be a part of this.

  11. Very excited to see my daughter back in school.

  12. cindy serigne says:

    I have only one thing to say, that is I did realize how much stuff has to be done the fisrt week.

  13. I enjoy helping my grand daughter but I dont like it changing from 1 year to the next.

  14. Sintique Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for the information and the guidelines.

  15. mary ellis says:

    I want to hear the testimonies of other parents. i want to know what their fears were. this is my first year with my 6th grade son. we are both nervous  

  16. Alina Stone says:

    this is my son’s first time in home school and also my first time doing this to. i am having trouble hooking up his computer to my mom’s internet. is there a cord i have to get or is there a wifi chip i have to get so it can run off my mom’s WiFi? please help thank you for your time

  17. Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    To Mary Ellis:

    My three daughters never when to regular public school.  We homeschooled until 6th and 7th grades (my oldest homeschooled all through high school).  I probably didn’t have the same fears as you do if you are coming from a regular public school.  But, anyway, my fears were not being able to keep up the pace and the state testing.

    We did have problems when we first started with keeping up because we thought we needed to attend all live lessons and do every thing in every lesson in Connexus.  However, with the teachers’ help, we have learned which things are most important to do for each student’s learning style and things are going pretty smoothly now.  We have been to 2 sets of state testing and that has turned out fine as well.  Just remember to be patient until you have time to get it all worked out and ask teachers lots of questions! 🙂  

    Hope that helps.

  18. Heather McCoy says:

    This is my first year for my children as well. I have a 7th grader and a 1st grader. My biggest fear was just the unknown of entering a new world and having no personal friends who had experience with online school to go to for help. Well fear not! The above listed R’s truly put my nerves at ease. The Learning Coach Series and other offered resources significantly helped build my confidence and improve my performance as a Learning Coach. The staff are a AMAZING support system and are EXTREMELY helpful.  Now my children both have daily routines that are able to meet not only my children’s educational needs but personal needs. Now I only regret I didn’t embark on this rewarding experience earlier in my children’s education.

  19. shelly whittaker says:

    I think my biggest fear is not knowing enough about computers to help my child learn. I have watched all the videos and read all of the training and still feel lost. this is our first time ever trying school like this so hopefully it turns out well. My son is not ready to go back to our neighborhood school due to the bullying and his social anxiety disorder. Now trying to get into the swing of things.

  20. Laura says:

    I am an over thinker, over organzier and never a go with the flow person. That is going to be my challenage, not being anxious about all of the “i don’t know” questions in the beginning because my daughter will suck in my anxiety and call it her own. My daughter was failing in school due to ODD and ADHD along with bullying that happened and a current bought of gossip about her by the teachers that my daughter and another teacher happened to walk in on. She crumbled and getting her to even want to go to school has been such a problem. As anxious as I am about this I am positive this will be a good thing for her and maybe she will enjoy learning at this pace. I graduated from UMass Lowell in June, my entire education was online and it worked for me, graduated with straight A’s, I think my daughter learns in a similar way to me because I had a failing average in high school, too many distractions and they teach all the kids in a box, me and my daughter are squiggles, we don’t fit in the box. Here’s to hoping this is a better education for my child.

    • Ian Dunlop says:

      I believe that you have certainly made the right decision. I have a similar history with my son (part of the numerous reasons I hate his previous brick-and-mortar school, though I acknowledge hate is a strong word to use). Go forth and congrats on your degree!

  21. Tammy Mccullough mizerak says:

    This is my daughters first year. I just completed the orientation process. She has not been in school yet this year. I am a cancer patient and i believe her struggles in school could pertain to her worries about myself. With her being at home she will be closer to myself and can focus knowing im ok.
    I still am confused on a lot however im sure i will figure it out.

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