The Fundamentals of Online Classroom Motivation

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  1. Debbie Desmoulin says:

    I have lots of fill-in-the-blank sentences for my students to guess what goes there.

    I let them take turns reading and translating.

    I ask them questions in French or English looking for a French response.

    I talk to them about French culture, so that it’s not just a code to crack but a way of life.

    I made a French pronunciation video that they can consult to master pronunciation.

    I post lots of French videos in their Wiki Resources so that they can watch them at any time.

    I post French songs to let them learn with a catchy tune.

    I tell them in French when they do well, “Bravo !” “Bien”.

  2. walter stevens says:

    Greetings and salutations!! Wow Great page and you should definitely check out this video on Motivation and Lessons from Steve Jobs & Apple!!

  3. Amy Padilla says:

    Great page 

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