The Digital Yearbook: Transforming a School Tradition

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4 Responses

  1. Martha says:

    How do parents give their kids permission??? We’d like to contribute, but my son is younger than 13 and iyearbook won’t allow us to add photos or videos. 🙁 

  2. Beth Werrell says:

    Hi Martha,

    Student will be able to participate if under the age of 13, parents just need to supervise them at home. There are no set permissions prohibiting students from uploading content.

    Enjoy the yearbook!

    — Beth

  3. Pam Walsh says:

    This approach is innovative, exciting, and community-building–the yearbook of the future is CCA’s today! Very cool. Thank you.

  4. mele'ofa taufa says:

    This seems pretty cool for a school yearbook.

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