The Art of Schedule Negotiation

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  1. Leia McKellian says:

    Thanks for sharing that story……I know what you mean, and I especially liked your Note to self  as it reminds us we do not have to stick to something just because we said yes at first! There is a freedom in being able to make “mistakes”, admit them and correct them. Plus, our children see ing us honestly doing this means they do not have to be afraid of doing the same. It can lead to more honesty in relationships!

    Leia McKellian

  2. donna o says:

    One of the many perks of alternative school schedules! BETTER appointments and less waiting time!

  3. trudy says:

    I agree with Donna. IF you can get a better time that has less wait.. go for it! You can always take her reading book and let her read in the car. You could take spelling words to study or flash cards…

  4. Stacy Germany (Colorado CA) says:

    Oh my goodness, excellent post.  My daughter and my life is so tight.  It is hard to set appointments. I am also guardian of my grandmother and I travel by bus.  There are things I have to do during the school day but I try to do them as early as possible or during lunch time, so it doesn’t take much time away from school.  Both my daughter and I want night time not to be school time so school has to be done during the day and before dinner.  Night time is ‘do what I want to, time.’

    We are parents and learning coaches there has to be time to take care of family and personal business, so time is juggled.  Remember the comercial ‘Calgon take me away’.  Some days, at the end of the day, we probably feel that way don’t we.  But there are many benifits of schooling our children, virtually, that make the hussle and bussle bearable.  I use to just keep appointments in my phone calender, but that is not enough, I bought a calender for my bedroom and everything is on it including live lessons.  I am also going to utalize the calender I have online to send me email reminders.  I have alot going on.  I try real hard to not to schedual something, not pertaining to school, more then once a week,.  I think businesses get upset that my schedual is so tight.  My calenders are so important to keeping my family organized and not CRAZY 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    We are not a virtual family yet, but I am wondering how the school scheduling works, Do you have to spend the whole time with the computer?  Can you use a laptop?  I just started homeschooling, and love the freedom I’m afraid to lose that with virtual learning….            

  6. Gayle says:

    Honestly I never take the “after school” appointments. I would rather leave those open for kids that are in the public schools and might miss out on something during their set school schedual.
     If my son made a fuss I would tell him to take his school stuff with him. He can read from his text book and he can print his assessment and do it on paper. And he should count himself lucky that he can get all his work done during his “school day”. Other kids go to school all day and then come home with more hours of homework.

  7. Rikki says:

    Thanks for this post.  I find that while I would like the flexibility of scheduling appointments whenever, my student does much better with a regular schedule.  Our days are smoother and more is accomplished when I suck it up and take the “after school” appointment.  Though a part of me is screaming, “but flexibility is why we school at home!”

  8. elizabeth says:

    Laura I hope this helps you
    The internet school is really flexable except for the on-line lessons.  I think the teacher help makes it better for me.  It gives me time to make food or clean house. 
    When we are not home my kids use the lap top and now restraunts have hot spots so it makes it much easer than finding some one  I know close by who has internet.

    All of their lessons are on a planner on the school web site.  They tell what work to do for the day.  What we don’t get finished we do on the weekends. 

    The work is harder than the work they give the kids in our local schools.  Last year was really hard we used the teacher a lot more last year and we had to do a lot of learning it felt like we went through 3 school years in one year.  On the state test my kids jumped alot they jumped more than most kids from the begining of the year to the end.  This year is much better.  We have taken a few of our vacation days last year we did not.

    I think it is best to make appointments around noon when they are ready for a break any way.  Yes it does make a little more work for the weekends but it gives them a break and they rember the work they did more when they have a break than they do when you try to cram all of the information into them.  I also try to end each school day around 3 or 4 o clock depending on what we did that day and how hard the work is but some days if they start late or need more break time they have worked untill dark or done a lesson or two before bed time.

    It is really nice also because work we don’t rember or work we did not learn at school we can learn along with the kids.

    I think it is good to make doctor or dentist appointmets around noon.

  9. Cierra says:

    it’s awesome!!!!

  10. Laurie says:

    My daughter used to require a very rigid schedule.  She is now a teenager and her sleeping habits have changed dramatically.  Her schedule is no longer set in stone and we have learned to be versatile.  I still find that little breaks throughout her school day help.  Also a change in enviroment.  Sometimes we work at the library or go to the bookstore where wi-fi is available.  These changes are awarded for finishing assignments or being on task. 

  11. Wendy M says:

    Each year’s schedule/appointment setting has looked a little different in our household.  It has depended on the age/grades of my two kids.  At the elementary levels, I would start school at the same time each day so the day wouldn’t drag out but I would also schedule appointments during school hours.  Sometimes the kids would take their schoolwork with us (van schooling!) or we would just reschedule the class(es) they missed.

    Now, my middle schooler and high schooler do not want any or minimal p.m./weekend homework, they want to attend 4-5 LiveLessons a week and to do no schoolwork during holiday breaks. Our schedule is simple: they begin each day at 8 a.m., we break from noon-1 p.m. and wrap up between 3-5 p.m.  They can take as long/little to complete a class.  If we need to run a quick errand, as Elizabeth mentioned, we too go at noon.  I love how my kids ‘own” their learning and I respect their decisions so I only schedule their appointments after 3:00 p.m. even though I’m tempted to take those earlier appts. This works for us today, however, next year is a new year and with it comes new goals, a new conversation and adjustments.

  12. LRR says:

    Great story and i suggest that we want to freedom to admit our mistakes – Very nice story, keep it up.

  13. Tami says:

    How flexible can you be? Do you have to do school every day? How many days can you have off etc.???

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