Tell Your Story: Do-It-Yourself Pathways from School to Career

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63 Responses

  1. kennedy jackson says:


          Dear the person that is reading this, my name is Kennedy J. and in 6th grade here at connections academy, and as I get older I want  to finish high-school, going to college, and special in being a orthopedic surgeon!! but…. I have type 1 diabetes, I’m not going to let that stop from my dreams I always wanted to be a nurse or doctor when I was younger.. well I’m saying to  all  of  you “what ever your trying to catch, you need to set goals how your going to catch it. ” 🙂

    have a great day !!                       

    thank you !!              

    sincerely Kennedy  

  2. Austin Graf says:

    Hi, you know their are many jobs in the world, but their can be some that you like.
    For me, I like dinosaurs and reptiles, so a job I could do would be a zoo for living reptiles or a Paleontologists (Scientists who study fossils of dinosaurs.)
    Before you do jobs like that you would want to do something else,restaurants like Mcdonalds or a store like Walmart.

  3. Tyuancieingram says:

    I love it

  4. Mirakale Anthony says:

    This seems to be a really good for students, I feel that here at OCA we will appreciate it.

  5. Promis Merryman says:


                my name is Promis and after I graduate high school I plan on attending Grand Canyon University and later becoming a psychiatrist I want to specialize in child psychiatry. Another job I would do instead of being a psychiatrist is a practitioner.(:

  6. Ashley Anderson says:

    Dear everyone ,

     My name is Ashley A I want to be a doctor when i get older and help people and babies.

  7. Max Lofland says:

    Hello everybody, my name is Max.
    I want to go to the University of Utah when I graduate from high school and become either a vet, a video game creator, or a pharmacist. I love animals and I would like to help people. I also love video games, but not more than animals.

  8. Brennan Dietz says:

    Hello! My name is Brennan Dietz. People at my old school always looked at me like at me like I was some type of “nut case” or a person that didn’t know how to anything. But I knew that those people that always were always saying bad things about me weren’t going to stop my two favorite, most loved dreams that I’ve had ever since I turned 11. Those two dreams are becoming an architect for hotels and modern houses, AND becoming pro on a scooter. I have the confidence that I will pass college and that nothing and no one (not even my parents) will stop me from following my dreams. Hopefully my statements has have told you, and/or got the worries out of people getting in the way of your dreams. I also wish you a very awesome, fantastic, fun future.   

  9. Ellyauna Stephenson says:

    Hi guys!

    I’m Ellyauna and I’m a artist. Painting, drawing, film, photography, you name it, it’s my passion. What I would really, really, really love to do is become a household name, like Leonardo Davinci.

    My dream college is Yale University, but obviously, that’s not really the place for artists, so SFUAD (Santa Fe University of Art and Design) is running a close second behind. Journalism is another thing I would like to do if art doesn’t work out.

    The key to finding the right career for you is to pick out a few things that you have a fiery passion for, and pursue them. Of course, there’s probably billions of things you’re good at, but only a few things you have a burning passion for. The ones you enjoy, are the ones that are going to last forever.

    On that note, I’ll catch ya later

  10. Max Lofland says:

    hi this is max again sorry i forgot the URL here it is

  11. Racheal says:

    Dear Tyler, my name is Racheal. I am a junior at SCCA. I’m very interested in a job working with children. I’ve really thought about it, and I like the thought of being a Kindergarten teacher. It would be a great opportunity for me 🙂 However, most of the time, before they give you a class of kindergartners; they assign you to a different grade. Like, 6th grade… I guess it’s to see how you do, but I don’t do well with older kids. Some get lucky and get assigned kindergartners from the gecko, but I’m not sure I would get that chance. Any advice/suggestions?   

  12. Kasandra Bedford says:


    My name is Kasandra Bedford,

    When I graduate I have a plan to research about multiple careers. When I was younger I had always dreamed of being apart of the medical field. I have came to realize the different strengths I posses. I’ve grown to recognize ALL the potential that all children have and all of the imagination and creativity we endure.

    I plan on being more then just a doctor, or writer, and even a designer,

     I plan on becoming first a doctor of cancer patients, while I do so I plan on being a part time Author. Once I am in my late 40ds early 50ds I plan on getting a high rank in colonary arts and cooking for millions on a GRAND ship. Wouldn’t that be Cool! Then later settling down and owning my own business and sharing it with my family, designing it with the ones I love. Why be just one THING when you can be so much!! Its going to take a lot but I am willing to push.    

  13. Kasandra Bedford says:


    My name is Kasandra Bedford,

    When I graduate I have a plan to research about multiple careers. When I was younger I had always dreamed of being apart of the medical field. I have came to realize the different strengths I posses. I’ve grown to recognize ALL the potential that all children have and all of the imagination and creativity we endure.

    I plan on being more then just a doctor, or writer, and even a designer,

     I plan on becoming first a doctor of cancer patients, while I do so I plan on being a part time Author. Once I am in my late 40ds early 50ds I plan on getting a high rank in colonary arts and cooking for millions on a GRAND ship. Wouldn’t that be Cool! Then later settling down and owning my own business and sharing it with my family, designing it with the ones I love. Why be just one THING when you can be so much!! Its going to take a lot but I am willing to push.    

  14. Kaylee Pyle says:

    To whom this may concern,
    My name is Kaylee Pyle i am a freshman at connections academy and honestly for the most part i have no idea what i want to do. As of now my dream is to be a culinary artist and create masterful, beautiful, and magnificent meals for everyone to enjoy. Imagine the best meal you have ever had and multiply it by 10, that is what i want to accomplish after i complete highschool and college. Thank you for reading and i would love anyones input on it. 

  15. Elaina Hancox says:

    My name is Elaina Hancox, I want to be an anime/manga designer when I grow up 

  16. Micaylee Anderson says:


    My my name is Micaylee Anderson when I get older I want to work on my talent of art and be a claymation movie maker and work with movie makeup! 

  17. Brianna Baker says:

    Hello eberybody

    My name is Brianna B. I want to be a singer when i get older. The reason why is because music is my galaxy and i want to donate some of my money to the charities and help my family with the bills if they dont have the money to.

  18. Daniel Gomes says:

    I am Danny Gomes when I grow up I want to go to Stanford college then try out for the pros (Seattle Seahawks)  if i don’t make it i want to be a engineer.

  19. Morgan Ray says:

    My name is Morgan and when I finish high school I am going to be going to cosmetic school for make up so that way when I get older I can be a professional makeup artist.There will be steps during the way and no matter how hard they will be I will fight through them. 

  20. Allyson Ames says:


    My name is Allyson. When I finish my high school education, I want to go to college and become a sign language interpreter. Another  thing I want to do is become a teacher and teach ASL.  

  21. Alysson Snider says:

    Hi! My name is Ally (Alysson).

    When I get older I will not attend collage, as really I just want to start off as an employee at an Applebee’s. Once I earn enough money, I’d definitely want to become a cat breeder-but not just for pure bred cats only! I’d take in rescue cats form shelters, even strays looking for a home. Hey, if pure breeds can get homes, why can’t they, right?

  22. Aalyssah Nelson says:

    Hello, My name is Aalyssah Nelson and I want to be a Fashion Designer when I grow up and I’m going to donate 5 whole outfits whenever someone buys my designs.

  23. Brennan Dietz says:

      My name is Brennan D.. Here at Connections Academy, I have a goal that would change my life. I know I have a long way to go because I’m only in 6th grade, but as I get older, I want to pass with all A’s or B’s….. or at minimum C’s. When I get to college, I want want to get in the Arts Institute Program because I want to become an architect for hotels, big modern houses, and modern mansions because every time we go to Seven Hills in or the strip, I always see big mansions, and modern houses. They seem to fascinate me because I always start talking about how cool they are and their up-to-date style. I even do that when I see hotels that catch my attention in a snap. One day when we were out in Seven Hills, I saw these awesome modern houses on a hill and I began to start talking about them, but before I could say another word about one of the houses, my mom interrupted me and said “Brennan! Enough with the houses!” I saw that she was thinking for second and said “Here…. how about this, when you are older you need to become an architect so you can get your house energy out of your system. You have the drawing skills and the knowledge about houses like those.” That’s when I knew exactly what I wanted to become, an Architect. And every time I say that word, I know for sure that I’m going to have a bright future and follow my dream.       

  24. Skylar Shoemaker says:

    When I go to college I want to take classes for child care and go to beauty school then I want to become a Nanny and do the kids hair as well!

  25. Dustin M. Clarke says:

    Hi I’m Dustin

    After I graduate High School I plan on going to Auburn University where if I go there if I go to the army I can start off as a second Lutinate instead of being a private which is one of the lowest ranks in the army a private is a new army member or is someone who just joined the army. So if I chose to join the army I’ll have that and my back up plan. which is to work for my uncle, in Atlanta, for his A/C squad along with my 2nd oldest cousin. But both the Army and my uncle get paid good so if I don’t join the army I have my uncle but if I do my uncle is my back-up plan.

  26. max says:

    my name is max and I want to be a newscaster when I grow up or a entrepreneur or a actor I am really good at acting  I met a news caster. I am in a  entrepreneurship class it is really cool. 

  27. Mika Rae Mauldin says:

    Dear other students and teachers,

    My name is Mika Rae Mauldin. I am 13 years old in the 7th grade. I am a very active kid and love to lean new sports and other fun activities. When I was nine my mom and dad put me in my first sport, flag football. Because I am a girl I could not plat football forever though, so that only lasted one year. Then when I was 11 my mom and dad put me in softball. I love the sport and I still play it today, but that is not my dream. When I get older I want to be a basketball player! I want to play for the UNM Lobos! 

    The bad news is that I am not that good at Basketball though. If I can not make a shot the first few time I get mad at myself and give up. Although I get mad it is still my dream! If I don’t have my dream come true I will still be happy as long as I have Jesus. My number one dream is to follow God’s plan for my life! If that means that I never become a athlete, I am okay with that! 

  28. Sujin says:

    I am in 8th grade (first year in Connexus).

    I am focusing on math competitions, writing competitions, and science competitions. Currently I have several achievements in all areas as well as the flute. Last year I took the SAT in order to get into the Duke tip $4,000 summer camp for free, which is getting a 1,900+. This year, in 8th grade, I took both the SAT and ACT for Duke Tip, trying to get into the camp, which is getting a 2,000+ on the SAT. 
    Next year I would like to go to GSMST (3rd best high school in America), although that will be a challenge (kids there, on average, sleep for 4 hours).
    I would like to go to Harvard, but I do not know which area I will expert in. 

  29. Elizabeth Schumacher says:

    Um…Hi, my name is Liz and I’m in 8th grade. I want to go to collage (I don’t know what collage i want to go to yet) and graduate with a major in one of three things: History, Writing or Psychology. Im then hoping to then get a job as a historian at one of three places: The Smithsonian in Washington D.C, The American Museum of Natural History in New York City, or The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. If none of that works out i want to become a writer and if that fails i want to become a therapist or psychologist. So yeah.

  30. Lucas Snyder says:

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Lucas and I want to be an inventor by day and sushi chef by night.

  31. Serena Rogers says:

    Dear Readers,

    My name is Serena and when I finish high school, I am going straight into the Coast Guard or Air Force. I come from a Navy family and even though I love the Navy, I love the Coast Guard and the Air Force more. My family has always had the men doing the military, serving in every branch of the military except for the Marine Corps. I will be the first female in my family to join and become an officer at a young age. I will be able to do college while I am doing the Coast Guard or Air force. My mom has always been supportive of what I wanted to do, but she has always encouraged me to join the Coast Guard. I was always afraid of war, but when I saw my uncle join, who is just 9 years older than me and I think of him more like a big brother, I knew immediately if he could do it, so could I. I have been prepping myself and doing some of the workouts used in boot camp and running every day. I used to be overweight, but now I am fit and healthy due to it. I am working super hard in school because the Coast Guard only accepts very high grades for the Officers Academy. Now that I am in the NHS, it has been very helpful for my self esteem and my choices for my future. After the Coast Guard, I am opening up a cupcakery to do what I love. Whatever I have left over each night, I will go around the neighborhood here in Jacksonville, Florida to pass out treats to the homeless families. I eventually want to even work part time as a youth minister for the young girls for my current church in the future.

  32. michael androckitis says:

    I want to be a police officer when I’m older but I have asthsma but I’m not going to let that stop me 

  33. kaylee jeffries says:

    I am kaylee and i want to be an actress when im older

  34. Robert says:

    Hello i am Robert. I am training to be a car macanic (I don’t know how to spell that XD). Also, in my family we are about working on house trailers, pluming, Ranchers and cowboys, but i will break away from that. I feel that i need to get an exciting job and save lives with my life at risk. I have taken interest in clouds and i have stood out there in the rain looking at the clouds in wonder about Tornadoes. I have been trying to excel biology so i can go to Oklahoma University and study tornadoes. When i find out how atoms react in tornadoes, i will produce a device that can rearrange atoms and stop a tornado dead in it’s tracks and save many lives. In Tornado Outbreaks, i will make many tank trucks and fire my device into many tornadoes, and while i am at it, record some data. 

  35. maya weil says:

    i think i would want to be a trick rider.  i love horses and i really love riding them.  it would take a long time but it would be worth it!!
    before i do that like when i am training i would work at my aunts coffee shop here in sutherlin:)

  36. Wesley Green says:

    Why Hello There!

                   My Name is Wes and I am in 7 grade (9th in math.) After I graduate high school I am immediately getting started on plans for a time machine that way I can teach myself all I need to know.

  37. courtney says:

    hi  am Courtney I am a sixth grader  I go to kca I have good teachers I stress with school I am about 15 assessments behind but I am still managing I hope to graduate from kca and be a doctor If I can do it you can do so don’t get stressed when you have to many assessments or you get hold back that just means you get to learn it better I learned division in about fourth grade and I still have trouble but I am getting better so learn extra hard so you can graduate good luck

                     sincerely Courtney.  

  38. zoee says:

    dear  whoever reads this,                                                                                                                                         my name is zoee i’m new here but i’v always wanted to work with animals in a zoo.   :]

  39. Mya says:

    Dear everyone,

    When i grow up i want to go to bethel and be in the orchestra! If i cant do that i want to work in pediatrics and take care of babies.  

    Mya Ruprecht.
    Mca (Maine connections academy)
    8th grade
    14 years old

  40. Madeline Yaeggy says:

    Hi, my name is Madeline and I’m in 7th grade. Once I graduate high school I would like to go to Europe for my first year of collage to study mammalogy (biologist that studies mammals)and I would also want to study dance and specifically ballet. I love both animals and dance, though a weird mix, I would love these careers! Mammalogist by day and ballerina by night! 🙂

  41. Alyssa Kolet says:

    Hello future people reading this. When I grow up I plan on being a teacher. I would enjoy being a teacher. Teacher’s help kids with their education and I feel i’m up for the job. 

  42. Hi my name is Hannah Thackston! And I want to be a surgeon when I grow up! My Mom told me that when I was little I wanted to be a spy, super hero, chef, actor, singer, dancer, fashion desiner, and lots of other thing. She said my dream changed about every 5 minutes! But for the last year and a half I have wanted to be a surgeon. And I don’t think that will change! I mean you get to save peoples life! That is what I want to do when I grow up!

  43. Kristyn Whitaker says:

    My name is Kristyn Whitaker, when I was younger I always had a big plan to help out as many people as possible, It started when my aunt showed me an ultrasound picture of my cousin and that made me happy because she smiled so much which leads me to what I want to be when I get older I plan on being an Ultrasound Technician, because I love to see people smile, especially when they see their baby or babies on the screen, but also I like to see people be relieved when they find out that what is going on inside of them can be cured, but there is also something that I will face in my job, if there is no cure for what is happening to somebody, that is probably my only fear when i get older is seeing a family cry because someone they love cannot be cured, but I’ve learned to always think positively, even if you doubt it will turn out great.

    Kristyn Whitaker
    grade 10

  44. I want to be a part of the army. I want to help protect the country of United States of America.

  45. Natalie Thoresen says:


    I’ve read this article and I think it is great – truthfully, I love it. I think this will really give a hand for those students wanting to follow their lifetime goals and have a foot in the right direction. I think it is wonderful that GenDIY is fighting the unemployment of young adults and the costs of education, and I think we all know that a lot of people do not have the amount of money for college. You hear of kids trying to get jobs for college funding, and usually they are not hired for some reason. The reason to why? I’m not completely sure myself, but I think we all can think of a few probable answers.
    I think this could really help those out there that are in desperate need for this kind of thing – for college. For them to be able to stand up and be able to get their futures going, to start living life, if you will. Personally, I am not wanting to go to college – but that is what I am feeling right now. 
    I am planning to join the Armed Forces – and to become a United States Marine in the branch of the U.S. Marine Corps. It is going to take a lot of work to get there, and I will not let that stop me from pushing forward with all the strength that I have. That may or may not include getting employed to save up some money for when I graduate out of Recruit Training. Does it affect me more than others? No, not necessarily, but I am wanting to – because it will help me so I can feel a little more comfortable.
    Sorry this is so long, but I thought I would share my personal input on this situation and show my support. I think this will be great for kids wanting to attend college and I give you the best of luck.
    – Natalie Thoresen

  46. Morgan Hawthorn says:


            My mane is Morgan and i want to be a docter and help the sick and i want the unhealthy to be healthy once more.

  47. abby says:

    my name is Abigail pope.

    when I grow up I want to be a special needs cheer coach. I have heard that many cheer gyms don’t have a needs class so that is what I want to be when I grow up

  48. Aleena Khan says:

    Hi my name is Aleena I want to be a scientist to discover things and invent the coolest things for people if I don’t get this accomplished then I will become a journalist to tell the latest new! I wish all of you the best for all that want their dreams to come true!

  49. Adriana Garcia says:

    Dear readers,
                           I know I’m only in 5th grade but I already know what I want to grow up to do. The collage I go to has to be a Fashion University in New York because I love sewing and working with the fabric. So that’s what I want to do……but not all of it. I want to be the next big fashion designer. Hey, a girl can dream right? Well, I’m gonna make that come true. I am going to make clothes for those who can’t afford them no charge. That’s what I want to do when I grow up.

  50. Melissa Crowley says:

    My name is Melissa and I’m 17 and a junior at INCA. Due to really bad anxiety, I opted out of a brick and mortar school and have begun doing online school, starting this year. I am also taking two college classes so that when I graduate and enroll into college, I will be a sophomore. I was to be a special effects makeup artist and my dream school is Elegance International.

  51. Jordyn says:

    Hi. My name is Beth. (At least thats my name in the movie I’m in!) As you may have picked up, I’m an actress. I’m only 6th grade so most people think that I’m just a silly little girl who doesn’t know how hard it is. Some people think that becoming a big movie star is easy. But its not. There are so many rejections that sometimes I feel as if I wasn’t supposed to want to act. But i don’t give up. Once i finish high school, i want to go to Juilliard, or somewhere that is big on acting. I do know that its not as easy as we all may think. But if acting doesn’t work out, I’ll become a teacher. Of course i know that i have to get a degree, but I’ll do it. Right now Im focused on being what i have trained for…An Actress!

  52. LeAnne Dorsey says:

    Dear everyone,
    My name is LeAnne I am in 9th grade when I graduate I want to go into a interpreter college. That will take three to four years of more school. In that time I would like to gain money by becoming a waitress. As soon as my schooling is finished I would like to apply for a job at Sorenson. Sorenson is where you interpret calls for the deaf people who can not hear or speak. This is what I plan to do.

  53. Bailey Gunter says:

    Dear Everyone,

         My name is Bailey G.  I am in 8th grade here at Connections Academy Florida Virtual School Full Time.  I want to graduate from high school with high honors and attend University of Florida (GO GATORS) for my 4 undergraduate years of school.  Then I want to go to Colorado Springs, Colorado to go to their Air Force Academy to become a Physical Therapist in the Air Force! 🙂

    ~Bailey Gunter

  54. Naya Turner says:

    Dear everyone,

        I want to be a chef and i want to own my own restaurant 

  55. Cesar Ramirez-Torgersen says:

    Hello people who are reading this!

    I have plans for when I get out of school to either be an engineer or an astronaut theorist.  An engineer is a person who builds either electronics or building structures.  An astronaut theorist is someone who studies space mysteries including black holes, aliens, and other universes!

  56. Bethany says:

    My name is Bethany and I plan on doing a Walk across America to raise awareness of Welfare and lack of job training.

  57. Yasmine Jones says:

    dear anyone who is reading, my name is Yasmine Jones, and i love to play basketball but here’s the thing i love playing basketball but not on a team or in public because i’m afraid if someone sees me playing basketball they will say i suck or maybe i’m better than them and the they say i suck anyway. but one day i want to see if i can get a OU scholarship and play Basketball for OU but i will have to get over my fear if i ever want to play 

  58. Hello, My Name is David Messenger And There are many things i would like to do. I would love to train horses, take care of animals, be a police officer, or be in the armed forces.

  59. Maricris Nepomuceno says:

    Dear everyone 

    I want to be a teacher when i grow older. I want to help kids learn so they can be what they want to be when they get older.

  60. Daphne Doucet says:

    Hi! For those who don’t know me im Daphne Doucet passionated girl with dolphins age 13. I have worked with dolphins before and hope to get into marine biology and dolphin training. I use to have a friend which was a dolphin trainer there. We had so much fun!!!!! We got to feel the dolphin’s skin, snorkel with them and listen to their sounds underwater, we got to feel how do they suck their moms milk on our fingers, we got to kiss them, handshake them and even hold their tails on our laps!!!!! It was an experience of a lifetime and i will never forget it! You see? Anything is possible in life! Go ahead and dream big!!!! My dream is to one day build my own aquarium which will rescue rehab and realease animals in needs. And also You know Winter the dolphin right? Star of dolphin tale? She lost her tail and never gave up!!!! That’s a great inspiration to follow. I went to see her and she is just amazng!!! Her eyes will look up to you and you will see just how sweet she is! Anyways thats it for now! Bye Bye!

  61. Joel Mondejar says:


    Dear little students,
    My name is Joel Mondejar and I’m in 4th grade of connexus and I’m a decade old. and sometimes I feel like I just want to finish all my education in one class, because I’m in “GT” (and I regret that) in Math they Literally give a new thing every day and they expect me to memorize everything. Remember, I’m barely ten years old and I’m dealing with Financial Literacy (that stuff about taxes and income and like all that junk). When I don’t understand a question of a test it feels like the world is coming down on me, I don’t even understand why, that’s how bad it is.So I want school to end and blah blah blah, and I want to be an leader of my church in any way it doesn’t even have to be leader it could be just a minor guy, but what I’m really thinking right now is President. Why I want be president is because you know how there’s a bunch of prophecy’s that are happening now ( especially in revelations) that I want to like  guide the USA with that. So remember even if you’re dream is bigger than  your mind, don’t worry there’s never a chance that you cant live it.
    so God bless all of you’all dreams and have a nice day and keep studying if its hard,


     Joel Mondejar

  62. Angelena Downs says:

    HI everybody my name is Angelena and I am 13 and when I grow up I want to be an Artist because I love to paint, draw and color and through my eye you can do everything though art art can explain your hopes and your dreams and can tell how you feel at the time It can also show your strengths and your weakness in life I believe everyone is great and can do great things you just have to keep trying  

  63. Daniel Gomes says:


    I am Daniel Gomes when I  get older i want to be a professional football player because my brother almost made it but he got hurt and that ended it for him. For college I am hoping to go to Stanford if not I am going to try Washington Wildcats. My position I really want to be is a corner back for the Seattle Seahawks. And remember to keep achieving dreams.

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