Taking Breaks: A Surprising Technique to Enhance Online Learning

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  1. Bobbie McIntyre says:

    Attending Connections, for my daughter, and being able to take breaks when she needs to is one of the reasons why she’s been so successful with this program. Some days she is on a roll and will work for quite a while before taking a break. Other days, she needs to break more frequently. This isn’t possible in a brick and mortar school when you have to take breaks when they dictate them not when your child needs it. 

    I think Connections is preparing her more for college than a regular school as she is in charge of her schedule and takes the responsibility for her education on her own. She understands what she needs to do each day but she also knows that some days are more productive than others and she knows what is the most effective approach for her to be successful on any given day. 

  2. Great one! I don,t think that most of the schools prefer these timings but i think some of them adopt this method not all of them they give break just one time about 11 to 12 or 11:30 to 12:30.

  3. K. Bordonhos says:

    I think that taking breaks allows the students to re-energize and refresh their ability to understand material and perform better. Originally I had set a schedule only including the lunch break and time for physical exercise. I have since set up scheduled breaks and find that it is a great help to keep them on track and actually enjoying the school work.I cannot thank Connections Academy enough for the opportunities provided for not only my children as students but for all the other students!

  4. ADHD after high school says:

    I have ADHD and I usually study for hours (up to 12-15) at a time. The reason why I have had to do this all throughout college/graduate school is that when I take a break I can not re-focus. I have tried working out for 10-15 mins; talking on the phone; taking a walk; watching a 10 minute TV show; among many other things. I have also tried separating breaks between certain goals I want to accomplish; however, that does not work either. I know it is harder to retain knowledge when you have been studying for such a long period of time but I do not have the luxury to only study for 4-5 hours a day then tap out. Any advice? Does anyone else go through the same thing?

    Full disclosure: I do check my phone every few hours for about 5 minutes. I take breaks when I go to the bathroom (although sometimes I take my computer in there with me). And when I set up to study in the morning(when I know I have a long day of studying ahead of me) I have meal shakes, study snacks, coffee, water, Aquaphor (my lips get dry sometimes and when I am stressed I pick at them), along with all other possible study/nutritional materials I could need. I apologize for the grammar I would just like to have some advice and see if anyone else goes through the same thing. The only assignments I can do without using this method is busy work (IE labs, lab reports, etc).

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