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Cassidie and Danie 56

Answering the Socialization Question

As an online school parent, I have discovered that some advantages of virtual learning are easier for people to grasp than others. Personalized learning, challenging and diverse curriculum, specialized teachers, and alternative scheduling—most people...

Using the 9-Step Student Motivation Model 4

Using the 9-Step Motivation Model

Now that you’re familiar with the 9 Steps to Inspire Student Motivation, it’s time to put the theory into practice. Helping your student become self-motivated is a process that takes time and patience. And...

A to Z List of Inspirational Quotes for Students - Teaser 19

Inspiring Quotes for Teens and Students

There are countless ways to motivate your student to learn. You can implement a reward system, add some creative activitiesto the school day, or find an inspirational solution that addresses your student’s current mood or...