Starting Strong: Organization Tips for New Online Learning Coaches

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  1. Shelly Swanson says:

    Denise, you have been such a great help over the past couple of weeks in the message boards! I appreciate all of your tips! I will share something that I am trying as an adaptation of the work box system. We have a very small amount of space for our ‘learning center’ so having a set of drawers or boxes for all three of my children is a bit too much. So, What I have done is that each of my girls have a binder for each subject instead of a box. Each binder contains a folder, a notebook, and a fully loaded pencil bag (pencils, eraser, crayons or colored pencils, a dry erase marker, highlighter…) The binders for my younger two DD’s remain on a bookshelf in our living room along with a small set of organizer drawers with extra supplies plus a few extras such as paperclips, highlighters, erasers, etc. On the top shelf I have three small boxes which hold P.E. supplies, Science supplies, and Math supplies as well as a small basket which holds post-it’s and notecards. The bottom shelf holds my youngest DD’s books, workbooks, and my LC guides. My older two DD’s keep their books in their desks (for the time being). On top I have a printer and a set of 6 drawers that are color coded (two pink, two blue, and two green) These are going to be our pick up/drop off boxes. The pick up box has their green folder from CA and the Drop of box has the folders for mailing the portfolio assignments in. I also have a box of stickers and book marks for rewards and ‘atta girl! moments. 

    I expect to tweak this system but I am hopeful that it will get us off to a good start this year! 
    Thanks again for all of the encouragement and ideas!

  2. angela smith says:

    my daughter likes science class the best. she has favorite subjests first and then the less liked subject later. usually after lunch and recess. she’s not much of a morning person so i let her pick which subjects she wants to do first each day . things seem to go more smoother for us when I do that.

  3. Sara Long says:

    To help our daughter keep track of which books were okay to write in and which ones needed to stay “fresh” and “new”, we added smiley face stickers to the binding or the front covers of the “consumable” books. 

  4. Melissa says:

    This is the first time I have attempted something like this. It is taking some getting use to and there is so much information. I wish I had seen this page before classes started. I think it would have helped a ton.

  5. Did you say this comes out monthly?

  6. Debrudy says:

    Hi, I’m a new parent of virtual schools.  If there are any suggestions or directions for first steps or short cuts I would appreciate them from the experts! I’m determined to succeed.

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