Sharing Learning Coach Responsibilities

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3 Responses

  1. Mattie Hoskins says:

    These are excellent ideas.  Your Grammy couldn’t have been more on track. 
    I really like the reminder about discussing things about your child with your husband in private.  Too many people bring their children’s information into a public forum. 
    Do your kids mind that you are blogging about them? I’m guessing not, but would still like to hear if you’ve talked to them about it. 

  2. Mattie,
    Great question.  I’m equally concerned with what information parents put out on the Internet about their kids.  The information shared about them on the Internet may someday have an effect on their careers and family life. 
    I’ve talked with both of my kids about what I share and also check with them before every post.  My son said it best.  He said that he realizes that his childhood was a shared experience.  Both of the kids feel that as long as my writings are from my viewpoint and don’t include too many details they are fine.

  3. Bronwyn C.(Student) says:

    This blog is a great idea for CCA.

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