Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

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  1. WebsiteFix says:

    Nice article. I always believe that other than just the regular education structure we have in schools, we should prepare students for new things, new fields that either don’t exist or emerging. I’m a digital marker for over 7 years and after finishing engineering in computers and masters in information systems i found my love in SEO (search engine optimisation). It’s such as unique field that no one would learn in school. Recently i started my own consulting seo brisbane and doing so well in it. One of my friend is doing really well in digital photography. So , I truly believe students should find out such different, unique fields if they wish to stand out from the crowd. – Vikas, WebsiteFix team.

  2. Michelle says:

    We have guided our kids through their educational journey focusing on the key skills listed above while pushing aa investigative spirit that will allow them to find their passion in the “unknown” opportunities to come. I think in addition to collaboration, critical thinking and complex problem solving; we also need to stay focused on soft skills like utilizing current technology to plan, organize and communicate effectively. So many young adults get lost in the balancing of life and projects…it is imperative to continue teaching soft skills.

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