Parent Perspectives on Online School Socialization

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  1. Brandi Clevinger says:

    These are great tips! I didn’t know about the local schools extracurricular programs. I’m going to contact them about it. Thank you!

  2. an interested but held-back parent says:

    This is the primary reason I have not wanted to enroll my daughter in this school. Kids need social lives. I can’t fathom not having experienced high school with other kids. What you can get from communities is not very effective. Strong social networking between enrolled kids and their families should be highly structured, regular, and supported with calendar of events that families can opt into (days at the part, sports teams, movie nights, and so on).

    • Brenda says:

      I can attest after going through a similar program with my two older boys that they are both very social and doing well academically! It takes a little effort, but it is worth it. In fact, I think children that learn from home tend to be more social as they get interaction with all age groups, not just other children in their same age bracket.

    • Sandra Newman says:

      My son just graduated from CA. He started in fourth grade. We live in a very tiny rural community. During his primary years he had play dates with his friends and he and was on sports teams. In sixth grade his teacher brought an on going science lecture series to his attention that was a CA school field trip activity. Even though it was a three hour drive on a Thursday night it became his most favorite monthly activity. In nineth grade he joined a bicycle racing team in a neighboring town and a robotics team at the local brick and mortar school, where he met his best friend who will be his college room mate this fall. He learned how to learn through CA and it has served him well. He graduated with 64 college credits and is entering college with a sophomore status. He is confident communicating with both peers and adults. As a parent and learning coach I am positive we made the right choice to have our son attend Connections Academy.

  3. Helen Sealey says:

    The idea of meeting after school for activities or socially sounds good.  My concern is what about a child who is enrolled but seems to lag behind in school curricullum. Who is there to help them to keep up with other students?.  What if this child is a little slow in comprehending in the school material? Are there lessons one on one such as that have in school, resource room for this help?  I am a grandmother whose three of my grandchildren will be enrolled this Fall in Connection Academy in another state, I am just concerned that this will work for them. Thank You,   Mrs S

  4. Linda Brantley says:

    Sound good to meet after school,if its not so far away.

  5. We are ecstatic about starting school in Ohio Aug 29th.  My daughter will be in 8th grade.  She is very involved with youth group, music lessons; singing and violin, and dancing.  She is out and about socially that I am literally planning her lessons around the many activities.  We are looking forward to an awesome year with Ohio Connections Academy! 

  6. Juanita OConnor says:

    Helen Sealey  there are a lot resources available through CA to help a student out.  The number one resource is the students teacher.  This is my 4 th year with 2 students and the teachers have been great.  The curriculum is set up to meet many styles of learning.  

  7. Linda Bryant says:

    Helen Sealey, I’m a substitute teacher for CA and teacher for International Connections during the summer. I have subbed for them in several states and in every case, the students come first. As a teacher, I will do whatever I can to help the students including one on one or small group lessons.

  8. Tammy Mccullough mizerak says:

    I am a single parent and have raised 7 children. All are grown and successful all went to public schools accept my baby who is thirteen and still at home. She is different from the rest of my children.
    She has struggled with school, socializing, and comprehension throughout her entire school years so far. She has begged me for years to do online school and i have always feared she would fall behind even more.
    Well this year i have made the effort to go ahead and learn and speak to those who are or have done the online schooling. I am more open to see what she can benefit from the program. So far i have not heard or read one negative thing about this program.
    I am in the process this week to register my daughter. Being a single parent fighting cancer i believe this is going to be the right decision to make for my child and self this year.
    Thank you for all your comments i read and they really do help.
    My only concern is still her socialization with the community as i dont get out much due to my illness however im open to more suggestions and ideas. I live in Salem Oregon and my daughter is an 8th grader.

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