Note-Taking Tips for Virtual School Students

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  1. eva mae calo says:

    The new technology like digital note taking it is very nice and easy to take down note.This new technology can  help the students to take down note faster. No time more well consume  to take down some information.

  2. Taking notes is important compare to digital note taking.

  3. yeah thats true we better taking notes so we can easily review the last lesson..

  4. Elizabeth D. Gomez says:

    This text is very important tips how can students taking down notes. In this process/way, we, students can use our skills; listening skills and even in writing. In that way we are studying in advance. maybe taking down notes using technology is much easier than using pen and notebook, I dont know because I  did not try note taking using technology.

  5. cansu says:

    I like your article. This text is so helpfull for note taking. Thanks a lot!

  6. Lauren Ferguson says:

    Let me say this.  To those who grew up in a time when putting pen to paper was the only means to get an accurate record, then AMEN to you. Keep taking hand written notes.

    In this day and age, students are graded on their accuracy and speed at the keyboard.  They are many who cannot get their thoughts out quick enough for any number of reasons or developmental delays.

    My students use OneNote.  This was a smoother transition from paper for all of the obvious reasons.  

    I would love to see how others have set up their notebooks and what shortcuts they have found to make gathering up all the information needed (syllabi, rubrics, portfolios, study guides, answer keys, etc.)

  7. Jared says:

    Thank you for writing this article, I found it very helpful. I like that you gave advice on handwritten note taking and computer notes. 

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