Moving Beyond Bullying: Healing and Learning in Virtual School

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  1. Sarah Eberly says:

    I was near nuts last year!!! My son didn’t want to go to school and cried his head off every morning. He kept complaining of stomach aches. So, we had all kinds of tests run at the doctor’s office for weeks. When it all came back normal, he admitted that he was being picked on. His teacher swears it wasn’t happening. But, before this, he always loved school and was eager to go each day! This year we decided to try something new. I was scared!! Was I doing the right thing as a mom? Would going to a cyber school be good for him and help him recover from being picked on? Would he get interaction with new friends and have enough one on one with a teacher? I was tired of forcing him into the school each morning and having him worked up and crying. I was tired of going home and crying because he was hurting so bad and I couldn’t fix it. So, my husband and I decided the time had come for a change. The answer I have to the questions above are all YES!!! Yes, he has lots of interaction with his teachers. Yes, he gets to interact and meet new friends through online live lessons and field trips. And, YES, he loves school again! As a parent, that is our greatest want, isn’t it? To have our child thrive at school, to love to learn, and to be able to contribute to the world in a positive way!! I feel that he has matured by the independence and the challenge of the program at CCA. He has learned how to manage his time. He has learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and his friends do to. That no one will laugh or make fun of him as he learns and grows. And, he loves how he can go to these field trips and make new friends where everyone is happy and friendly. What an awesome experience, not just for him, but for our whole family. We aren’t just in a program, we gained a new family! A family where they help his mind develop, his social skills develop, and his independence develop. The things that we as parents all strive for and want for our children. CCA has been a wonderful gift to us and we will continue to work with them. Our son loves school again. He wakes up ready to go and is excited about the day ahead.  We think that is a wonderful blessing.  Thank you CCA!!!!!!

  2. Judi says:

    My daughter had problems with bullies at her old school. In 3rd grade, a girl threatened to stab her, then kept following her to the bathroom all year and threatening her there. In 4th grade, the boys in her class kept squeezing her bottom, saying inappropriate things to her, and pulling on her bra straps. At least once a week last year, I would pick my daughter up from school, she would tell me what happened that day, and then we’d have to go back into the school and discuss it with the teacher. The ongoing drama seemed to take most of her attention, and her grades suffered. 

    This year she’s attending virtual school at Connections Academy. She’s learning so much more than she did at her old school, and she can focus on learning without worrying about bullies. She seems to be regaining some of her self-confidence. I feel better knowing that she’s safe, and it’s wonderful being so involved in her daily learning.

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