Motivating Virtual School Students to Learn

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2 Responses

  1. BestMover says:

    Nicely put.
    Another important factor is creating a positive competitive environment. In which students are driven into achievements. This can be done by micro or macro level.
    It was great reading,
    I’ll come here more often.

  2. Mary O'Neal says:

    I am very excited for my daughter, and she is excited too. She is going to kindergarten and she has been learning in her work books most of the summer. she is very smart and determined. And she draws really well. And i am sure she will be ok what ever setting she is in . The only thing i am concerned about is that, first i told her she would be going to charter school. And we talked about what her teacher would be like. What she might look like. If she would be mean or nice. We talked about the friends she would make. We also talked about strangers and passwords. This is during the whole summer. Then i saw a comercial about home school. So i applied. All during the sumitting of documents proccess, we had gotten excited, she was able to do some of the practic lessons. We organized her room. Where her desk would be. We made a area for story telling. We set up her easel with paint and brushes. We talked about how it would be challenging for both of us. But we were excited. Because we would be together thru this. come to find out we were 250 on the waiting list. So this is the second go round for home school. And she’s on the waiting list again. I’m really not sure that if she starts public school and gets comfortable with learning that i should snatch her out when a spot becomes available. I know that it’s my choice of course. I just think that once you get so far down on the list, we should be told before school actually starts. So we don’t have to snatch them in the middle of the school year, after they have become comfortable and have met friends that they will never see again. Understanding it’s my choice. As a mother that works afternoons, home school would be perfect for me. I will have hands on in my daughter’s learning process like never before. And i would be able to spend time with her too. It’s a little hard to let go, she is so precious and it’s hard to turn her over to strangers. Thank you.

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