Math Is All Around Us

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  1. Tabitha says:

    My daughter was very excited to spend last night talking about math vocabulary.  We just sat down and looked at three phrases that we had seen through the week on various test examples…defining them, figuring out the pattern, and learning the easiest way to find that math element in a given situation.  We both learned a lot and went to sleep with pleasant thoughts of fractions, factorization, and probability/possibilities swimming in our brains.

    I have been blessed to have a daughter who asked 4 years ago at the age of 8 for a job (other than chores and school)…and then immediately asked “what bills can I pay?”  We worked it out so that she is responsible for at least a half-dozen legitimate bills that relate to her life each month.  It has taken a lot of stress off of me and while most kids receive a much smaller allowance, she has taken these opportunities to learn how budgets change and how important they can be to having what you need.  Examples of what she covers: pet care (including helping with vet visits–usually on payment plan), her lunches, and one to two hobby dues each semester.  She is now looking forward to being allowed to have a checkbook or debit card in a year when banks and PayPal start offering those programs.

  2. Tabitha:

    You are very lucky to have a daughter that recognizes the importance and value of work and financial responsibility. These activities are providing her with meaningful life skills that will follow her as she transitions through high school to college and beyond. Thank you for sharing your experience with math outside the classroom.

  3. Lori Isbell says:

    Tabitha – that is so inspiring to hear how young you started that exercise with your daughter!

    Here’s one: our eight year old is selling eggs. She feeds and waters the chickens everyday and night. She gathers and washes the eggs. For her business she is learning to negotiate the price with each customer; she keeps a log and has her customers sign for deliver and she initials that she has received the payment. She pays her dad $9 a month for feed.

    If anyone has ideas for little ones: I’m still trying to find great ways to reinforce numbers 11-14 for my 5-year-old.

  4. Akshaj Ahluwalia says:

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