Making Virtual School a Success

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  1. sheila says:

    TY for reminding me about motivational ideas. I forgot this is what they did at school on the side. I homeschooled my kids that last 6 weeks due to unresolved bullying. It was challenging making up a curriculum. Luckily we had there books and workbooks which we handed in at the end of the school year. I’m glad to have found this program since I’m still squeamish about sending my kid to a brick and mortar school. TY for being friendly when I call to ask questions. Looking forward to a good year and hope to meet others in the area.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love Connections Academy, we had a family emergency and had to go to Mexico to help with my mother in law, if it wasn’t for Connections Academy being so portable my daughter would end up being a few months behind by the time we get back. Thank You Connections Academy

  3. Zerlean says:

    It’s been a year almost since I have been with Connection Academy,We had a rocky start.My childrens school gave me the run around trying to exit them for the Sp.Ed. Program, so we did’nt actually get started until Oct 2010.Making this huge step for my Children has been the best decision ever!!no joke.While attending public school I would sit in IEP’S FOR HOURS!! Trying to figure out what was going to be the plan for my Babies.Just to share how effective Connections has been for my Children.My Daughter could not stay on task for nothing in the world,we would have overdue lessons etc.she had this public attitude(oh well,I don’t get it so what,sometimes she really didnt have a clue what I was saying,what I was trying to teach.)Now she has self esteem,she wakes up proud to do her work,she has control over what subject she will complete 1st 2nd or last.Sometimes she does 2days work in one day:) she has come a long way Thank you to the Teachers for your patience,your constant phone calls,web mail etc.not to get all Religious 🙂 But we are truly Blessed for Connections. 🙂

  4. Mercia Cossell says:

    Thank you for posting your success stories!  This is ironic that I would read these posts today 🙂  Ironic or lead by God whatever you call it!  I have just started my child in Kindergarten and it has been well close to hell, not literal but close.  I have been in 2 SIT (Student Intervention Team) meetings w/no progress made for my child!  I have close connection w/the school and was interested a year ago and didn’t pursue….you all make it sound like its definately been a God send!  Its been 6 wks of school and she (my child)  already wakes up everyday stating she doesn’t want to attend……..hate it.  This child is brilliant and is being put in a box!  Hoping to get something resolved so I can bring my baby home.  So do you parents stay home w/your children or how do you go about this as I just started back to work after taking off a year w/our babies.  Not sure what to do, pay for daycare and then do school in the evenings as I get off @ 4…just curious as to how we could do this! Thanks for the posts! Excited about getting more information

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