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Making the Choice: Is Virtual School Right for My Child?

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3 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    I have five children. The oldest and the youngest I’m considering enrolling in online school. Both of them have a difficult time turning in work and staying focused. This has been an ongoing problem for both of them. Neither of them can explain why they fail consistently at particular subjects, even though they are both highly intelligent. The middle three kids do well at school and thrive in that environment.

    The oldest is finishing up his sophomore year of high school. The youngest is finishing up third grade.

    What would be the time commitment expected from me? Is the Connections Academy curriculum mainly done online? Would a third-grader be working online, as well?


  2. Beth Werrell says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Parent, student, and teacher roles are discussed in further detail on this blog post. Elementary-aged students do require a high-level of oversight compared to high school students. 

    Please keep in mind that Learning Coaches are not the teacher. The Learning Coach is there to help facilitate learning and plays a vital role in keeping students on track. Regular communications and working with your child’s teachers will inform whether the personalized learning plan needs to be modified for continued student success. 

    Thanks for considering Connections Academy!


  3. teresa partee says:

    Hi my daughter destiny would like to join online schooling and we need a computer and wifi and I would like to talk to someone

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