Learning Coach Secrets: Managing Multiple Students

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  1. Khadijah says:


    Can you assign another responsible adult as the learning coach for your child? I am planning to homeschool my 7th grader in the Fall and another mom has approached me about homeschooling her child as well; because both her and her husband work full time outside the home they are unable to provide that type of support for their child. I was wondering if that was allowed. 


  2. We are planning to fost/adopt, and are awaiting our home study before being matched with a child. We would like to enroll the child for which we are matched and, hopefully, adopt, in this program. I plan to stay at home to be our child’s coach while my husband works. However, I do feel for those who must work full time and was wondering if I could also assist other parents who work full-time and cannot be coaches in our area (Central California–Clovis). Is this something that is permitted within the CA guidelines? Could I assist even though we do not have any children in the home right now?

    As a result of the fost/adopt application process, we are already CPR, AED, First Aid Certified; have TB clearances; and have cleared our criminal backgrounds. I also possess a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and have over 15 years experience in training and counseling. I think I could be a great asset for those children whose parents in our area work full time, but want to make sure this is something we can do without violating any of your guidelines. Please advise.

  3. Good Afternoon, Denise Ingledue-Lopez and Khadijah.

    Thank you for your interest in Connections Academy!

    I am happy to advise that at any point a parent and/or guardian
    may add an additional adult to their account as a Learning Coach.  To do so, the parent/guardian would simply
    need to advise our Enrollment Department of the additional adult’s name so that
    they could be added to the account. There is an online agreement that must be completed
    by both the parent/guardian and the addition adult, to ensure that both parties
    are aware of what the new Learning Coach will have access to, but adding an
    additional Learning Coach is completely at the discretion of the

    If you have any questions about this process, please feel free
    to contact our Enrollment Office at 1-800-382-6010, M-F 9am-6pm EST.

    Best Regards,

    Beth Stokinger-Jones, Enrollment Department

  4. Amy Padilla says:

    Thank you 

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