Learning Coach Secrets: Dos and Don’ts of Virtual School with Young…

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  1. Josette Kramer says:

    I am currently homeschooling our children. How do they determine what grade level your child would be entering? We work at a steady pace according to their level of comprehension with regards to a specific subject matter. At the moment both children are working at a 6th grade level in most subjects. I am interested in online schooling but apprehensive about the curriculum. Who do I need to contact?

  2. Beth Werrell says:

    Hi Josette-

    Families with students who were previously homeschooled are asked to
    complete placement tests and submit documentation outlining the
    homeschool curriculum used during the school year.  During the enrollment process, we provide a form for you to provide the curricular information needed for course
    placement. Our Academic Placement Advisors will review this
    documentation, along with our placement tests, to determine your
    student’s academic readiness level in our program. Additional
    information, such as your student’s age or state eligibility
    requirements will also be considered. 

    As always, you are welcome to
    call our Academic Placement Services Team at 800-382-6010 with

    – Beth

  3. Angela Smith says:

    When you take breaks in between the lessons. Do not watch a TV show or Movie. Limit the breaks to 10 -15 min.

  4. Esmeralda says:

    These are good suggestions, thanks.

  5. Pamela Thompson says:

    As newcomers with connectins academy me as a parent are looking forward to the new way nof online schooling for my children and the expreice to grow in the learning experience of homeschooling for them and me as well in seeing the growth ofn the learning connexus has in education both basic on online computer skills .

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