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Learning Coach Secrets: 5 Great Organization Tips

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2 Responses

  1. Anne Ballard says:

    Maybe these ideas are good for some people but they strike me as a lot of extra, and redundant, work.  And we are VERY organized!!  Create three files for each class…you’ve got to be kidding.  I’d spend all my time keeping track of which file to use next.  Why print the course trees or  the lessons for the week when they are already online – they are there to help keep people organized.  You can see a complete week or month of classes on your computer and the course trees are available for the student to see every time he/she opens a lesson.  Thanks but think we’ll keep to our own system.

  2. Pam Carter says:

    would you say this is applicable more for elementary then High School?? If it online, what is needing to be “kept up with” and “filed”..newby here 🙂

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