Importance of Positive Adult Role Models

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2 Responses

  1. Anita says:

    I know that our eldest son’s life has been changed because of the adult role models in his life. Some of his teachers have made a real difference, but the biggest influenct has come from the library. My son has done volunteer work at the library for several years. All the librarians work to find chores suited to my son’s abilities while encouraging the expansion of his abilities. But the most influential have been the library director and the director of children’s services. It was their friendship and encouragement that led to our son participating in a community theater group and in creating and producing his own movie. He is now working on setting up a local film festival with the help of a friend’s parent. My son would not have experienced any of this without the adult role models in his life.

  2. kaitlan farrior says:

    a role model to me is a person not necessarily in your life, but is existing or was. a role model is someone or something you look up  to. having an role model doesn’t mean to be exactly look like them or dress like them but to follow in their footsteps. even make you think differently. 

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