Ideas for Organizing your School Area

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  1. Emogene Bertoncello says:

    Thank you, these are great basic ideas. Other areas you may address are: suggested periodic decluttering schedule; storage of files of past units of study in each class (how long should they keep their past notes, homework, and projects); planners, dry ease boards, and bulletin boards to use in time management; and in the elementary grades a space where both learning coach and student  may sit together to review lessons while viewing the same material; and the positioning of the desk in a room (near a window, or not/towards visual opening of the door, or not/ is it in arms reach of toys or other distractions); and if learning coach and student are mostly in different rooms, what about instant messaging on the computers or a two-way intercom to stay in communication without the student needing to leave the learning area to get an answer to a question about the material being studied.

    I think your article was very informative and concise about the topics it outlined, but I would like to see an expanded article that addresses how you stay organized within your learning space for students to read.

    The hint about taking pictures of trophies and making them into a screen saver to help declutter the area was inspiring.  Any other hints like that would be appreciated.

  2. Christen says:

    Good ideas. A neat work area really inspires creativity and focus on lessons. We set up our room just like I would a classroom. We love it!  I must admit, I am much more organized than my children. I try to get them as excited about it. One way is adding it in to the family calendar for them to “clean their desks, and empty their trash. Then I don’t have to feel like I am always nagging!  🙂 Thanks again, Christen (teacher and mother)

  3. Michlyn Fisher (Connections Academy Student) says:

    Thanks Heather, That is really helpful! I haven’t cleaned my desk off yet but I want to make sure I do have more room on my desk for the new semester. I will make sure to follow your steps, and that will be very helpful. Thanks again!

  4. Amber CCA student says:

    Ill try that!

  5. Crystal Mahaney says:

    Something to keep in mind when putting everything back in it’s place.  Try not to over compartmentalize items when grouping things together, i.e. don’t seperate colored paper clips by color unless it is part of a color coding system to help keep things neat & tidy with multiple children.  If not used for that purpose, keep all of your paper clips together in one spot/container.

  6. Sierra says:

    I’m a student myself, in 10th grade and this is my first year in a cyber school (which I do love by the way).  I think the most important thing that parents need to recognize about keeping us motivated to do our work is not what parents think! We don’t need PERFECT organization. Yea the textbooks, notes, etc need to be somewhat organized but there IS a bigger matter. When we wake up in the morning and begin our work we get bored easily working on a subject for 2 hours straight just because we don’t understand or have trouble catching on. So instead of working so long on a subject limit each subject daily to 45 minutes to an hour like a normal school would do. It keeps balance and relives the stress from us. It doesn’t mean that if we finish another class early that we cannot go back to the class we didn’t complete, it just keeps us flowing from subject to subject. Also, do not force or try to make your kids attend all the live lessons. I know personally sometimes getting up at 730 in the morning to make an 8 or 830 live lesson can be tiring especially if I was working on a psychology essay until 11 oclock! We can go review them and I know that I have friends that say that their parents freak out if they do not attend all live lessons. But most importantly, spend at least one hour (say 10-15 minutes per class) looking over each pice of what your child is doing during the day. If they are working on math try and get into what they are learning about so when they need to study, you can actually help them without reviewing the entire chapter of the book. We can be independent (ehem the point of cyber school). But we also like to have the support of mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt uncle, etc when we are working on problems. Parents participation with work and not other activities is truly more helpful than you would imagine. Also, never let your child sit and work for more than 2 hours straight! Make them take a walk, grab a snack or a drink or watch a half hour tv special or play wii!! 

  7. Emma Mason says:

      It’s my first year at Connections Academy and still having trouble adjusting. Now that my room is orginized it’s become a lot easier and a lot less stressful.  

  8. Lorie says:

    Its our first year also and I love it,but I do need to get organized better

  9. julie says:

    I like it!

  10. Michelle Perry says:

    I thought we had a great setup, but then we had to arrange the whole house, We ended up moving the school area into a another room. When we had the shelves and furniture put back in place we discovered that in the process of collecting things to move around we ended up with a lot more space. My lesson was that isn’t a bad idea to change things up once in a while or do a deep clean by taking everything out and then putting it back again. It’s amazing how many pencils we found scattered throughout the house and how many paper clips we had when we were done. Plus with everything fresh and organized everyone has been more likely to put things back exactly where they belong and not just the nearest spot that will do in a pinch. Not to mention that the complete wipe down of the shelves and furniture left our school room looking and smelling great.

  11. sloane says:

    I’m just enrolling in Connections Academy, and setting up the school area.  Great tips!  To start out, my mom and I organized most of the house!  In this process, we were able to find helpful supplies for the school area, and it feels a lot less stressful having everything in place.  We were also able to look out for books to add to the bookshelf- dictionaries, historical books, nonfiction and classics.  Then we moved a file cabinet with extra drawers into the “school room”.  For cleaning, we’re planning to do a monthly sweep of the room.  

  12. tuttle says:

    Please advise!…all of these blogs have been so helpful and inspiring.  I am currently a high school science teacher in a traditional “bricks and mortar” building and I would LOVE the opportunity to experience being an Ohio virtual school teacher and set up my home office/classroom.  I have a 4year-old and a 1-year old and am really looking for that flexibility and educational experience!  I have filled out the on-line application, but would be open to any other advice on what to do next.  Should I call to set up a face-to-face appointment? Should I just wait to be contacted?  Any advice would be appreciated!  Thank you for reading.

  13. Michelle (Learning Coach) says:

    We have just enrolled in Connections Academy. Can anyone tell me where we would get a list of supplies we will need for school?

  14. Jodie says:

    Not sure if you got an answer yet but to get a supply list you need to go to the LMS homepage, click on your student’s name, on the right under tools there is another link for materials list. That will show you what you need to provide and what the school is providing. The list is a little overwhelming especially with the science and art supplies. We usually wait to buy those until they are needed so that we can spread the cost out throughout the year. The only exception to that is that we do buy things like seeds, potting soil, sand, etc now while they are easy to find and less expensive. Hope this helps.

  15. albertpaul68 says:

    As many parents realize, homeschooling  is a full-time job. Teaching your children from your kitchen table requires planning a curriculum and a daily schedule. Children need materials so they can complete reports and all the necessary steps to learn a subject, just like in a regular school. For homeschooling to be successful, mothers and fathers need to work in an organized environment.
    Plan each week in advance by writing down specific goals and tasks each day. Chart your progress on the calendar and allow room in your schedule for breaks and play time. Create a lesson plan with hands-on projects and incorporate field trips into your routine. Field trips can include going to a museum or park.
    Storage Bookcases
    To keep your school environment clean, place books, paper and pencils in specified locations so your children are not frantically searching for their materials when it comes time to start a lesson. Storage-hole bookcases work well for organizing your homeschooling items. You can find large-box storage-hole bookcases at department stores or online. Each space is usually 12-by-12 inches wide and deep. Label each hole with your child’s name on the outside.
    Learning Area
    Keep your learning area clean by making sure that the children put all their materials away after school is over. Keep cleaning wipes handy to wash off the table and keep things clean for the mcp dumps following day. The learning area can be any designated area of your choosing, such as your dining room table. You can also invest in desks for each child and move all the materials along with your bookcase to a special room dedicated to schooling.
    Plan meals in advance when homeschooling your children, as developing minds require proper nourishment. Plan three meals per day including snacks.
    Enforce early bed times and get your children up for school just like you would if they went to a traditional school. Your children will be more serious about learning if you treat homeschooling like the real thing.

  16. Kathy Cress says:

    Thanks this will help my mom and myself. Just started today.

  17. Dana Gaspar says:

    Thanks, this is great information. This is our first year and it is hard to stay organized.
    Kansas Connections Academy -Parent

  18. Guida Richardson says:

    I am just starting with my girls this year. I love the advice everyone has brought to this subject. I have two girls with ADHD. I have set up my camper trailer as a school house, due to the fact of all the traffic and distractions in the house. Works wonderfully, and they never have to worry about their 3 year old brother getting into their school supplies. I look forward to seeing what advice everyone gives. Thank You all for sharing.

  19. Joshua M says:

    I am starting connections this year woot!!

  20. Kathy H. says:

    You ALL have provided TONS of wonderful advice and solutions for creating & maintaining our “classroom”. This will be the first year(2011-2012) for myself and my girls. We have been shopping for decorations for our classroom as well as the usual supply needs. The girls are both getting into helping me with the setup and decor which I think is helping to raise their enthusiasm immensely about the whole virtual schooling opportunity. Keep the tips coming both from the students and veteran learning coach! They are being put to good use!!

  21. cassie phillips says:

    Thanks, I can use this. I need a lot of help with my desktop so this will help.

  22. Isyss says:

    Thank you! This really helped me get a clean and organized homework area. I am happier than before when I had a messy desk area. Thanks, you helped me a lot!


  23. Deb says:

    Aug 2014
     My daughter will be starting this year(7grade) can’t wait to get started ! Lots of helpful tips. 


  24. Rylee (OCA Student) says:

    Wow. That is amazing! I am going to try that. During the summer I will start this so I am ready for my second year at CA!

  25. CASSANDRA says:

     22 Jan   

    I would like to Thank everyone for all the helpful tips this is going to be my son first year.Thank you!!

  26. James says:

    Planning and organizing things surrounding you at lecturer hall,exam periods etc,help so much.Thanks for sharing

  27. thank you-very useful information-

  28. Maria C says:

    I have 2 students this years and I would like to thank you for all the tips

  29. Amy Padilla says:

    Thanks very helpful 

  30. Diane Caballero says:

    Thank You!

  31. Colin (NCCA) says:

    As a student of Connections Academy, (7th grade) I noticed that it really helps if you have a laptop instead of a desktop computer. I move around to different spots in my house all day, like from the dining room to on the floor in our living room. For me, changing my location is a good idea, and it might be good for you too. So if you are buying a computer to use for school, considering getting a laptop. And having a learning space is also good, especially for important tests and writing assignments, because when you need it, you have everything there.

  32. Juanita Bosquez says:
    Thanks, this is helpful information.
  33. Tina Collier says:

    A very organized desk and space to work is the best way to be. And clean up at the end of each school day.

  34. Deborah says:

    Thank you all these are very helpful ideas.

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