How Virtual School Educates the Whole Child

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4 Responses

  1. Carrie LaForge says:

    I love the flexibility and personalization of the Virtual School environment. Some kids don’t learn well early in the morning. My son is a night owl and is at his best at about 2pm.

  2. Nancy Mullinax says:

    We love the fact that Connections Academy is so flexible. My granddaughter has grown up so much since the first of school. She is only five-years-old, but it has brought her out of this shell she was in. Thanks to Connections Academy!

  3. lorie says:

    Connections is one virtual academy that I can honestly say works for the students. My daughter has tried 3 virtual schools and they were terrible! We finally found Connections and we both love it! The teachers and staff go above and beyond no matter what the issue is, even if there are no issues. They have contact with the students through LiveLessons, WebMail, and phone calls. It’s a well rounded way to educate your child or children. The kids have the safety of being in their own home, can work at their own pace, have help anytime they need it, and can go to events, join clubs, and interact with their peers. It’s just plain wonderful!

  4. Elizabeth Seward says:

    I wish I would have put my daughter in this school along time ago. People kept telling me that I would have to keep up with a lot of paper work and how hard it was. Well it’s not like that! This is a great program. I would recommend Connection Academy to anyone that wants to give their children a more one-on-one education.   

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