How to Succeed When Getting a Late Start in Virtual School

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  1. Michelle Grajewski says:
    This is a great set of guidelines to starting late. I would add a few things.

         – Don’t Panic! When we opened up our schedule we were 36 or more lessons behind. For us, this was devastating to see. Luckily, contact with the teachers and finishing pre-tests helped give the teachers some insight into our situation. They were able to remove lessons from our student’s assignments to make catching up more realistic.

         – Don’t Panic:) Do learn to use the planner effectively. It took us a few times (~5) to get it to run and schedule the course lessons efficiently with a realistic end date.

         – Do join Club Orange / Connections Academy Corner. The parents are active and give you a place to get immediate feedback on thoughts and concerns, as well as helpful tips from seasoned pros.

    Hope this help!

  2. Erica Expert says:

    Its good that the children can catch up even if they get a late start at virtual learning – Erica Expert

  3. Brandie Hummel says:

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