How to Minimize Digital Distractions During the Virtual School Day

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4 Responses

  1. lian says:

    That’s an excellent write up on digital distractions. Your guidelines are wonderful. I’m not a coach, I’m a parent and I just came across your blog. I could not restrict my kid using digital devices especially mobile phones. I understand, Internet safety for kids are indeed these days and parental control programs helps protecting kids. I also use a <a href=””>parental control program </a> for my kid’s safety. This has a screen limiting feature which helps to keep him focused on his studies. 

  2. Amy Padilla says:

    Yes I totally agree 

  3. Amy Padilla says:


  4. Lisa Moore says:

    This is a good article with helpful advice.  However, it doesn’t seem to be geared toward the high school age student.  Yes, we have rules, but my student will often use his phone, per our request to calendar items for school which he then shares on the family calendar.  His teachers also will always directly call him to check in, on his phone, so he needs it nearby.  By high school age, we as parents have given our student some freedom and responsibility, but we still check in to his “classroom” unannounced. He understands this.  His freedom and responsibility is earned.  His phone may distract, but we use it to his benefit to prioritize things going on in his life as any adult would do.

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