How to Keep Kids Focused until Summer Break

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2 Responses

  1. Shelle says:

    This is one area where we don’t have a problem. Lian is focused on getting as many summer vacation days as he can possibly manage thanks a certain cartoon duo who have made summer seem like an engineer’s dream. We do most of these things throughout the year though. Since one of his learning issues is no real concept of time, the school year can seem like a never ending prison sentence.  So, especially effective has been breaking down projects, and even lessons, into smaller components. If it seems too big or too hard then often he won’t even want to try.

  2. Susan says:

    Taking breaks helps, both long and short ones.  Sometimes just a 5 minute breather from the work is enough to get the kids refocused.  Taking a little extra time off to garden or go to the park is also good because kids need to move around and get fresh air.  We took half a day off to garden recently and it was worth it.  Virtual schooling allows us the flexibility to catch up on work at a later time like evenings or weekends.

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