How Tech-Savvy Parents Change the Future of Online School

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  1. Michelle Grajewski says:

    We have used online curriculum for the past 5 years homeschooling. I liked that I could differentiate the style and type of assignments for each student. Now that we have transitioned to Connections, I could not be more pleased. It took the flexibility of curriculum and learning styles in our homeschool and paired it with Live Lessons connecting the teacher and class, as well as Live office hours with the teacher.
    My daughter, a self-admitted struggler in Math went from a consistent B/C in her online homeschool curriculum to an A in Connections math. I believe the difference is the teachers. It’s not so much about teaching the lesson, as connecting with the students and having them connect with the concepts.

    The ability to learn virtually, connect with people, organize a schedule/online planner can only help my students as they begin college. These are life skills I use daily in my virtual office. I’m excited that I can see these same skills utilized in their daily lives at Connections.

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