How Online Learning Develops Essential Skills for Lifelong Success

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3 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    It’s a great way for kids to learn a new level of responsibility and self-efficacy. Of course, they have to be ready and willing. I often find students join online, and then come in with tons of excuses and complaints about how the system failed them. Online learning requires a special kind of responsibility for being proactive in your educational pursuits. There are so many great learning opportunities in the online world!

  2. Natyre Jones says:

    Yes it is very great way for kids to learn The level of Responsibility and self-efficacy.That’s why I just sign up for one of those Applications in the here on the Web site . I feel that EDUCATION is very important to me and my kids I feel that My kids Deserve the BEST and the BEST at all time No expectation.

  3. Shelle says:

    I recently began attending college again after 20 years. I was amazed at how a majority of the classes I wanted to take were offered as or available only as online classes. I honestly believe I would have failed if I hadn’t had a couple of years as a learning coach under my belt and some idea of what to expect. With budget cuts and so many adults going back to school, I foresee more and more college level classes going online. It is so much easier to offer a larger class without worry of high overhead costs. Online education now, gives my son a step up in that environment. College is hard enough to adjust to with adding a new teaching format to the mix, only it won’t be new for him. He already has experience in the skills he will need to succeed.

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