Home Classroom Design Ideas for Online Students

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  1. Kathy White says:

    We are fortunate to have a space set up in our spare bedroom.  Nathan has all of one side of the room.  There is a corner desk where his computer and printer sets.  He then has a long table in which to do various projects for school.  There is a lamp sitting on this table.  Behind the table he has a huge cork board.  This is where he can place maps, science items, and pictures etc.  At the end of the table we have large drawer organizers that we purchased from Wal-Mart that he stores materials for each subject.  He has light that comes into the room from the windows.  This makes for a very nice area for him to learn and study.

    When he is done with school, he able to leave the room and enjoy other things.  I hope this helps.  We try to be very organized so that the room is not cluttered.  I believe that if things are cluttered then the mind becomes cluttered.  I hope this helps others out there.

  2. Acton Ace says:

    Much has been made of having a well-designed classroom these days, and with good reason. A number of studies have shown that a poorly laid out classroom can cause problems for both the students and the teacher. Students find themselves more easily distracted and less engaged, and teachers have a hard time finding needed materials and keeping the mountains of paperwork they need manageable and under control. Most of us do not have control over which classroom we are assigned. However, we can all find ways to make the best use of the space we have. As discussed in my last few blogs, teacher centered learning is becoming less fashionable while student cooperative learning is thriving. Additionally, teachers need to take into account various student learning styles and comfort levels to maximize classroom success. Here are some helpful hints towards these goals. Flexible seating arrangements using flexible furniture come in handy. Sitting students in a U for class discussions has been found to be more effective than in rows. This also leads to better all around eye contact and a feeling of equality between students. DigitalBuyer is an office products retailer specializing in fireproof file cabinets & safes, office furniture, industrial materials handling, office equipment, and commercial products. They proudly serve government, education, corporate, and end-users with everyday low prices and personalized service. They provide School Chairs for every grade-level, including elementary, middle, and high school student chairs. Also featuring combination chair desks, and science lab stools.

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