Helping Kids of Different Ages Transition to Virtual School

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2 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    My daughter is a freshman at our local public school. She is not happy. She has been begging us to allow her to stay home & do online school. She was bullied last year & had a teacher that basically ruined everything she loved.  My husband and myself both have full time jobs. Is there anyone out there that has balanced it all…work & learning coach? Also, is there anyone in the San Antonio area?

  2. Mrs. Pope says:

    sometimes there are sacrifices that must be made I had to let 14yrs of being in the military go and now I am at home full time with my kids but I work from home as well now. my kids are super excited about the transition and this will be our first time doing school from home. but the environment in the brick and mortar was horrible for them they hated it so I am hoping it will all be worth it by end of this year. you should also try googling homeschool groups a lot of moms here in Georgia do groups or rotate with helping each other and giving one another a break

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