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Getting Ready for College: A Four-Year Checklist for High School Teens

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14 Responses

  1. Amanda McKim says:

    Thank you for the great advice! We are taking our 6th and 8th grader to colleges within the state to check them out this year! Help them get encouraged to look forward to attending college!

  2. Stacy Germany says:

    Love it.  Thanks for posting this.

  3. Lisa Bartins says:

    Awesome!  That just made our job easier.  Thanks!:)

    Lisa Bartins

  4. S. Leviner says:

    Well here we are again. I wish we would have had this advice and prep list with the first two (one is in his second year of college and our daughter is starting this spring). We now have a 7th grader who is already taking honors high school level courses so we are starting this process with some 20/20 hindsight. This list is fantastic and coupled with our prior experience it is invaluable.

  5. Izabel J. says:

    I am a freshman and this website is a big help! It is much easier than searching on Google. Thanks for everything-it really helps!!

  6. Lydia says:

    This is a fantastic timeline for high school teens. If students are looking for more information on funding their postsecondary education, they can visit our guide to scholarships for high school seniors.

  7. Ripper Nielsen says:

    I read somewhere else that the PSAT should be taken the 10th grade year.  Which is it?  I am just starting to think about planning for my 8th grader.

  8. Tisha Rinker says:

    Thanks Ripper for your question! PSAT is typically taken in 10th grade as a practice for the SAT and then can be taken in 11th grade for the National Merit Scholarship (NMS). The PSAT is the qualifying exam for NMS.

  9. Aaryn D. says:

    I’m a freshman and this was helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Devasha says:

    wow this is really helpful if I wouldn’t have read this I would have not known what I should be doing.

  11. shantelle says:

    great source

  12. These are some great advice! On my blog, I hope to provide a helping hand to help high school students become more confident and fearless when they enter college. Check it out!

  13. madeleine koch says:

    I would like to keep this website in mind until I am in high school. I am in my last  year of Elementary school. I am almost in middle school.

  14. Jane says:

    A college fair is a great spot to learn about many different schools, all in one place.

    There, you will be able to gather information you are looking for on potential colleges from college representatives who are scouting for students that would fit well at their schools.

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