Flat Stanley Goes to Virtual School

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3 Responses

  1. Anne M. Kerr says:

    Dear Flat Stanley and Wisconsin CA…
         We enjoyed your tour of Connections Academy in Wisconsin.  We attend Michigan Connections Academy and have been to see our teachers in Lansing.  Both places look pretty much the same.  Thanks for the tour!

    Isabelle and Vincent at MICA

  2. Shelle says:

    A fun article! We are transferring to WI Connections, from CapoCA, next year and and this was great to show my son that he won’t have to learn another new way to do school. He would love to have a teacher named Mrs. O.K.. He says it’s the best name ever.

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the comments! Shelle, I hope to meet you and your son next year, whether I’m his teacher or not. 

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