Find Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa P says:

    Both my kids have used They have some great campaigns. I would even encourage parents of kids under 13 years old to check some of their ideas out. My daughter was 7 when she started with them (she’s now 10). Her first campaign was to help our local animal shelter. Since then she’s made cards for kids in shelters, elderly people, and our troops. She also helped her brother do the recycled can scholarship and recycling clothing scholarship. There’s plenty that our youth can be doing to help others, keep them involved.  Thank you so much for sharing these. 

  2. Misty says:

    I would like to caution parents about At first glance it seemed like a great resource. While I did come across some great campaigns and ideas, the further I scrolled and dug into the site the more inappropriate material I came across. The Get Lucky Campaign has kids stash fortune tellers around their school with tips on how to use condoms and Talk Dirty To Me suggests you flyer your school with sexy tips on consensual sex. These are not campaigns I want to inspire my 13 year old!

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