Education Beyond the Core Subjects: Student Character Development

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2 Responses

  1. Megan Smith says:

    My family and I always share our day at the dinner table. We try to make it upbeat and positive. Whenever one of my kids would say something such as, “I didn’t talk to my friend today because she hung out with someone else yesterday instead of me,” then my husband and I would have a conversation to our kids about loyalty, trust, friendship, and how to make the situation better. I love doing this because it helps the kids learn about character and how to be an all-around kind and thoughtful person.

  2. Kara Coleman says:

    I love seeing articles on this topic, it is one near and dear to my heart. So much focus is placed on core academics these days it is easy to forget to focus on developing the core character values that have been such an essential and natural part of our society for so many years. Character development isn’t more important than academics or vice-versa, but you have to have both! 

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