Create a Paper Totem Pole for Native American Heritage Month

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3 Responses

  1. 4th grader says:

    this was good but you left out that the craft can be done all around the year not just at that time.  

  2. Caleb John Hubert says:

    this is a good website to tell people how to make a totem pole and a good idea to make a art totem pole. Altogether this is a very good website.

  3. AK Studies Teacher says:

    Totem poles were used by indigenous groups of the North West ranging from Washington to South East Alaska such as Haida, Eyak & Tlingit. They were used to evoke status differences among members of society (mostly between the noble classes). Also please don’t use the totem pole as a decoration at Thanksgiving, indigenous peoples of the West Coast did not come into contact with European colonists of the East and generally Thanksgiving is a myth that whitewashes the decimation of indigenous peoples of the East Coast.

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