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Common Concerns about Virtual School

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6 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    My daughter will be a freshman in high school this year. But we are going to try and homeschool her because of all the problems we had in public school. She has an umbrella school, and will be taking Alg. I at a tutorial school but she still needs Spanish II, English I, Geography, and Physical Science. We are paying for the umbrella and tutorial school but really need advice on how my daughter can take the other 4 classes online at home (the cheapest way). I am sooo overwhelmed! Any suggestions?

  2. Pam says:

    We have been with Connections Academy for 4 years.  I think the best advice for a new Learning Coach is to utilize the teachers.
    My first year, I tried to do it all myself and quickly became overwhelmed. Finally I called one of my daughter’s math teacher in tears and she explained that she is the teacher and I am the Learning Coach. Whenever you or your student has a problem or do not understand something, call or email the teacher right away. They are always there for you.

  3. Kelly Kiggins-Lund says:

    Hi Jill,

    My son had been physically bullied while attending his brick and mortar public school. I knew that I had to remove him from that environment.
    Like you, I decided to homeschool. The cost for course books was astounding. I, too, felt very overwhelmed. There was so much paperwork required.
    Then, I discovered Connections Academy. The notion of an online public school was foreign to me back then. Now, I can’t imagine how we would have managed without this wonderful option.
    We are entering our fourth year with Connections. My son has transformed from a reserved, anxious child who hated school into a competent, outgoing, student who enjoys learning again. He often tells anyone who will listen that what he likes best about his
    school is that he finally found a place where he is accepted just as he
    CCA’s dedicated teachers and staff have made all the difference.
    Their encouragement helps children focus on their strengths while
    improving upon their weaknesses in a positive manner. The Special Education staff have gone above and beyond my expectations
    every time as well. They constantly think of new technologies, tools,
    and tips to implement. I am made to feel as though what I have to say, as his parent, is important as well. I feel very included in his learning process. Connections Academy is innovative and it makes learning fun for our children again.

  4. I am a Learning Coach to three students. My girls are in 5th, 3rd, and 1st grade. The most successful way to manage students in different grades is to be organized, determined, and have a routine. Once the routine is down, the rest will follow!

  5. Natalie says:

    Teachers at OCA have gone out of their way to make sure my son succeeds. They not only follow his IEP, but they go far beyond it to make sure he has a positive learning experience. They keep in constant contact with him and have met EVERY need he has had. He is confident and able to show what he can do now.

  6. stephanie says:

    is there a way I could get a tutor at my house? I have medical problems that makes it hard for me to remember/recall information. What could I do to be able to help my son?


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