Can a Virtual School Student Change the World?

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8 Responses

  1. Jennifer Phipps says:

    High FIVES fro KOA!!!!!!!!!!!!  Signed, shared  and we support this 100% WAY to take a stand! So proud!

  2. Koa Halpern says:

    Thanks Jennifer!  So far, more than 150 students have taken the Fast Food Free Pledge.  Connections Academy students and their families are taking a strong stand to improve their health and the health of our planet.  Thanks for all the great comments you are leaving as you take the pledge.  Happy Earth Day Everyone!  Koa Halpern

  3. Linda Blouin says:

    Dear Koa,
    I am going to take this to my daughter’s elementary school this morning where I am introducing a month-long “Walk+Bike to School Challenge”. I want to use your idea as an example of how we can all change the world, one positive action at a time. Our school gets as high as 82% participation on our Walk+Bike to School days (we do it once a month throughout the school year, till now) because the kids care about our world and themselves. It is really fun to see how proud they are. AND we get the parents to walk too.
    Good luck with your project, and I hope to inspire kids to join you from Corvallis, Oregon, where we live. Thanks for caring, Linda

  4. Zena Spratley says:

    Wow this is very cool. I go to Connections Academy as well and found this website on message boards just now. I can still do the challenge but not on Earth Day.

  5. mary korb says:

    Hey Koa this idea really works. I know with my family we only eat out like once every few months and it does work because i just think about how much less garbage we are adding than the people who eat fast food everyday.

  6. Marie, mom of 4 says:

    This would be even better if we included the fast food we eat every day at HOME.  I’m talking about the canned, boxed, frozen junk food masquarading as meals and snacks every day in homes all across the country and world! You CAN eat without canned ravioli, boxed mac and cheese, frozen boxes of fast food “tv” dinners!  And you will feel better doing it!  How is a box of chicken nuggets better than the ones you get in the drive thru?  I’ll give you a hint, I’T ISN’T!  So try a real challenge, stop eating ALL  fast foods for two weeks!  Then see how much better food can be when it doesnt come prepackaged and prepared!

  7. Aaron W. says:

    Koa,I think the one problem facing us youngsters is the fact that we eat too much fast food, and we don’t take into consideration our health!
    You have inspired me!
    Aaron W. – 8th grade

  8. Aaron Wilkinson says:

    The one thing middle schoolers don’t realize is the fact they are putting their health and life at risk because of their decisions. 1/3 of youngsters are very obese let’s stand together as a school and do what’s right folks.

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