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  1. Theresa Young says:

    At my daughter’s old school she went to last year they collected PAWS. These were a reward system that they got to drop in a box and someone was chosen from the school each day to receive a inexpensive prize. I hated this. Honestly I think kids should do their work because it’s their job. Saying this I know it is hard to keep kids motivated. I went to the dollar store and bough some reward coupons. At the end of each semester if she receives a certain number of coupons she can get a educational gift. It could be a Word Girl backpack or even a pet fish she can learn to be responsible for. I am hoping this works out for the best with us since this is our first year with Connections Academy.

  2. Tanya Lackey says:

    We have 5 children, all of whom I homeschool. My husband is a public school teacher, but we learned a long time ago homeschool was for us. Our children are in 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and now college. As you can imagine, i spent literally 15 hrs a week on lesson plans, then homeschooling, plus projects and field trips. When connections came to Louisiana this year, i was ecstatic! It is perfect for us! We get quality lessons, materials, resources, teacher; yet a home-school environment. They can still move at their own pace, and have help if they need it! I now have many more hours a week to spend quality time with the kids, they are getting a first rate education, and we just LOVE connections !!

  3. james says:

    Interesting post . Nice read.

  4. Rebecca Johnson says:

    I love Connections!!  We were a Connections family for 3 years after having issues with our local B&M school district.  We loved it!  But a job change lead us to moving to a non-Connections state for 3 years.  When the opportunity arouse to move back to a Connections state, we jumped at the chance!!
    Connections has been amazing for our kids.  We have had all 4 of our kids in Connections.  Our 3 youngest all have issues requiring IEPs (speech/language disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc)  Connections has provided an educational system that is allowing them to flourish.  They receive the support they need with speech/language therapy, and multiple software additions to make learning easier for them.  
    We have had great teachers and Learning Support Educators that have supported us.  Our oldest son graduated from Connections in 2011, his teachers were instrumental in helping him stay on track to get to graduation.  Our 15yo son frequently calls his teachers for tutoring during school hours.  It’s wonderful to see him talking to his teachers one-on-one asking questions; and coming away from the call understanding the material.  Our 11yo daughter has made tremendous strides with Connections in her reading, writing and confidence.  Her teachers and LS have supported her in so many ways.  Plus they are there for me when I need help getting ideas with how to best help her. Our youngest daughter has excelled in Connections.  She has a speech disorder and often her speech was unclear to others.  She has been able to focus on learning, not on if the other kids understand her.  
    Connections may not be for everyone.  As a Learning Coach, you need to really be involved with younger students.  Older students need to be held accountable to get their assignments done.  This is not a program where you set your kids in front of a computer screen for 6-8 hours a day.  Connections is a more than that.  It’s the best of public school and the best of homeschooling in a single package.  

  5. sharon says:

    Rebecca, your comments are inspiring, i am interested in CA, but am trying to compare it to K12, what is the difference?  Thank  you.

  6. Angel W. says:

    Im truly trying to find the proper program for my 12 year old son and am having a hard time decided if connections is the choice or if the k12 is.. can someone please explain to me the difference.

  7. Kristen S says:

    Angel W.,

    Teacher support and organization were somewhat lacking with k12. I prefer Connections for these reasons, as well as the field trip/socialization opportunities. My senior is much more enthusiastic about school this year than he was with k12 last year.

  8. Adam F says:

    Have been reading the material on connections for a month, we have just found out our Daughters class will have 34 students! She is concerned that the class is too big for her to get the attention she needs. We are trying to decide if connections is right for us, but are obviously concerned. We have never home schooled, just provided support for the extra curricular learning we have given our children. Were concerned about being able to keep our children focused on the education. Please comment, we need your help!!

    Thank you!

  9. Danita says:

    This will be our third year with Connections and we love it! Especially the ability to stop when our son is having difficulty focusing or when he becomes frustrated. Motivating him can sometimes be a challenge but we give him a goal, if he accomplishes a task then he can stop and do whatever he wants for 15 minutes and that is enough of a break that he can get back and complete his task. He actually is very excited for this school year to start! His four-year-old sister who cannot attend Connections yet is looking forward to the school year starting, that is how motivating the school is for students!

  10. Tamika Mims says:

    Getting ready by preparing the right room for her in the house.

  11. Homer Burdick says:

    My wife and I very excited with this program and nervous at the same time. My grandchildren are excited 8th , 9th, 10th eager to start . Teachers we’ve talked to seem very knowledgeable and as a parent , we are able to see certifications where B/M schools don’t.  

  12. Gabrielle Welch says:

    I just joined this school and this was very helpful. Thank you so much now I can pick up supplies confidently

  13. Eliza says:

    I looked into both k12 and connection academy and to me I don’t see no difference. Connection academy was the first to take my son and k12 has a waiting list. So far I love connection academy. What I need to know is what does all the parents think would help us with learning and items we may need the most. 

    • Pam Vaughan Faucett says:

      Hello Eliza,
      I looked into K-12 when we were looking into other school options. One of the main reasons we picked Connections was how the weekly live lessons were handled. My daughter was in middle school at the time. K-12 livelessons were not lesson based – meaning teachers going over material covered in the lesson for that week. They were based on PASS test information only (our state’s mandatory testing for accountability ). That was 7 years ago – so things could be different now. But my main suggestions for a new family are the following (not really a material list but things that really help us). 1) position your student’s desk in a central location where you can see what’s going on and not in a bedroom out of your view. I first placed my daughter in her bedroom and she wasted time. 2) Use the school’s planner (or a physical one) for keeping up with everything such as live lesson times, due dates and etc. As soon as we received a message from the teacher – we add it to the planner so it will all be together in one place. Check the teacher’s message board often especially before a test or submitting a portfolio. Don’t hesitate to email or call the teacher anytime your student doesn’t understand something or has a problem.

  14. For Eliza:

    We tried K12 several years ago and found it too overwhelming.  We really like Connections Academy.  We really like having clipboards to organize our work.  I usually print out our weekly schedules (for each student and one for me) and keep it on the front of the clip board with necessary printed worksheets behind them.  I note on my schedule when there will be tests and when things are due so I can remind my kids.

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