An Unconventional List of Back-to-School Supplies

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  1. Linda says:

    I cannot afford all these supplies destiny will need for school. What should I do or is their some place where people help share . thanks.

  2. Linda,
    No stress at all, most of the local churches will provide your child with a complete package of school supplies which will not cost you anything. In addition if there is something special he she will need they will also supply it.

    If you need additional help please reach out to me there are many resources which will assist.

    my email:


  3. lethoi says:

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  4. tina munoz says:

    I’m sooooo relived to have found this post ! We are a struggling family, my Husband had been shot in armed robbery and still hasn’t gone back to work!!!!(shattered femur ,nerve damage,etc) I  thought all things would be supplied and I would have a SMALL list but was I surprised . Doesn’t this online shcool get the money that a Public School would get and if so why aren’t the materials provided ?

                                                                                            Tina Munoz

  5. Cyber School Mom says:

    We’ve cyber schooled for years. The first day you just need to make sure they have pens, pencils, and a few dollar store notebooks, crayons, a glue stick. As you need them add the other things and art supplies. No need to go broke for things you won’t need or use for months if at all. I prefer to do it that way because I don’t have to store a lot of things. Printer ink would be nice to stock if you have a printer. Otherwise you can get through the day nicely on very little.

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