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  1. Theresa Schickling says:

    Hi my name is Theresa Schickling I choose to do a virtual school for my daughter Breanna who is in 4th grade and Theresa who is in the third grade because the neighborhood school my girls attended wasn’t good for them see my daughter Breanna was being bullied I told her teacher and her teacher and I agreed that she should be removed from the classroom cause all the girls that were bulling her were in her classroom so I spoke to the principal and she didn’t agree she said it happened at recess and kept her in that room. Well needless to say I took her to school it was the hardest thing I had to do as a parent she would cry everyday and then I come home and cry mysely til on day in December my husband and I decided enough was enough and we pulled our girls and to be honest with you was the best thing I as a parent could of ever done for my daughter’s. I sometimes question that but I know I did do the right thing they both love CCA .It was hard cause my daughter Kelsey who is in 7th grade goes to a middle school and she has lots of friends.I just didn’t want the other two girls to miss out but they don’t cause we go on trips with CCA and we keep them active.Breanna and Theresa want to continue with CCA next year. I am so glad that there is this kind of school cause I don’t know how my daughter would of made it through.

  2. Iris McLaren says:

    My name is Iris McLaren and my son attends OCA. We decided to put into OCA because not only was he being picked on but he is also on a IEP and he was having a hard time knowing what is going on in his math class. He was too embarrass to ask for he would look stupid. I needed to be more connected to what was really going on at school. Between the bus bulling and the bathroom bulling I had enough. We are new with OCA and we are going on our first field trip today. He is very excited.

  3. I’m thrilled to hear that virtual schools have helped your famlies out.  Theresa, when you said “Well needless to say I took her to school it was the hardest thing I had to do as a parent she would cry everyday and then I come home and cry mysely”, I was right there with you crying.  I can’t even imagine how much pain you were in.

  4. Laura Gonzalez says:

    My name is Laura and my son Jonathan is in the 6th grade and attends FLVSCA. I am so relieved that there are other families out there such as ours. I too withdrew my son from a brick and mortar school because of the bullying and social interaction issues. I would send him off to school worrying if I was going to get a call from the principle that day. He would get bullied but then he would bully back and did not handle situations well. This program has brought out the best in Jonathan and now he enjoys learning instead of dreading it.

  5. Beth Clapp says:

         I have two children, and we have home schooled from the beginning.  We did not feel good about placing them in a regular public school…and private schools were way out of our budget.  We felt comfortable teaching basic educational skills.  However, as we neared the high school years, I didn’t think I was qualified to responsibly handle difficult subjects like foreign language, algebra, chemistry, etc.  I wanted to make sure that my kids got prepared for college and had their transcripsts in place and met state requirements.
         We started with the Idaho Connections Academy in 2008, and we’re very glad we did!  It seems to be a great compromise between home schooling and regular public school!  We think it’s wonderful that it’s covered by tax dollars…and free to us!  It’s very advantagious to have the help of friendly, qualified teachers only an e-mail or phone call away!  It’s a blessing to still sleep in and start school when we’re fully awake.  We even get to go on free field trips!  It’s also terrific that my kids can concentrate on their schoolwork without the distractions…and dangers of peers.
         The curriculum is diverse enough to hold their attention.  It can be quite challenging, at times, but my kids have risen to the challenges in amazing ways.  They’ve learned how to helpfully submit to authorities other than their parents.  They’ve even established a positive rapport with their teachers and are free to ask questions, without being ridiculed for them.  They’re also becoming experts at time management, as they juggle their school schedules to meet all of their academic requirements in a timely fashion. 
         We feel that this virtual school is a God-send, and we would highly recommend it to other families.  🙂     

  6. Kristen Robinson says:

    I am reading these comments thinking that is so familiar. My son is in the 7th  grade. He was bullied everyday at the bus stop and in school. He was assaulted on more than one occasion. I started driving him to and from school and that just made it worse. I spoke the the school about it and not much was ever done. They would call the bullies into the office and tell them to stop picking on him. Well that just made it worse again. Every where you look in the school were signs about no bullying. What a joke.He was physically sick from the stress and dread of facing that everyday. I am so greatful to Connections Academy. He can learn and never have to worry about it again. He can ask questions without being made fun of. I only wish I found CCA earlier. The curriculum is so much better and the teachers actually care. His old teachers did not care. The staff did not care. We finally had enough and pulled him out. He was so relieved and he does not have the stomach problems anymore from the stress and fear.

  7. lisaward says:

    I think that what you are doing is helping me and other children like me, thank you!

  8. Teresa J says:

    Hi, I am Teresa in S.C.,
    I am placing my son in CA mainly because of the constant confusion my son faces daily in his classes.  He has ADD/math disability as well as being several grade levels behind in math & writing abilities.  He has an IEP but it has not really helped him to excell or even to keep up. Besides going to school all day we spend 2-4 hours EVERY school night trying to figure out what he has to do for homework & then trying to get him to focus enough to work on & complete it.  We have no life outside of work & school during the week days.  Resource has not helped him move forward either.  I am counting on CA to help our whole family to clearly know what is expected from our son everyday in his class assignments as well as providing the much needed support & extra help for our son.  We have become desperate as a result of the lack of clear communication from school staff, the regular habit of losing completed homework assignments by our son, the expectaions from a school system that is under severe budget cuts…etc…
    We are excited about this upcoming school year at CA.

  9. Margie says:

    My husband and I are thinking about enrolling our sons, 4th grade and 2nd grade, in an online public school.  I have read all of the above blogs and I appreciate them very much.  I’m torn because my boys are at a very good public school.  I have few complaints and they have not, thankfully, suffered from the bullying that was mentioned above.  However, I feel that much of the day is spent on ‘busywork’ and with 20+ students in the class, how can the teachers relate and aid directly to my child when others are causing problems or falling behind in a normal public school setting?  I also work at the school, so am torn that way as well.  So, that and a couple of other reasons are why we are considering this form of education.  I realize time is short, but if any of you have a chance, could you please email us personally and talk about a typical day ‘at school’ with your child.  How much do you have to work with them?  Are your children left ‘bored’ because they do not do the typical 7 hours of school?  Do you find it realistic to allow your children to get ahead and then take a bit of time off?  I noticed some mentioned doing that in the above blogs.  How much time are they on the physical computer and how much are they involved in worksheet type material?  Just any advice you could give to new parents thinking of making a huge change in their children’s educational world…We would appreciate it very much.  Thank you again – Margie – jnmags@bresnan.net

  10. Beatrice says:

     My daughter has been in private school since kindergarten, and it has been just wonderful.  She’s entering 7th grade in the fall, and we are considering the vitual school on-line program for her, for the simple fact that her school is a very small and expensive school, which does not have enough funding to offer as much choices and programs as we would like.  My daughter is a very bright student, and we want her to be able to be in a classroom at her level, but unfortunately beeing that her school has a limited funding, they are not able to place the students at their own level of learning.  I read all the stories and comments you all wrote, and for that we do feel that vitual school would be the best thing for her.  
    I would really appreciate it if some of you who have beeen already enrolled in the program can send us emails  and let us know how the progam really works for you, and do you feel like this is the best thing you’ve done for your child, because I’m really concern about the part where she won’t get to socialize with othe kids as much

  11. Linda Gale says:

    My daughter is 10 years old and going into 4th grade.  Our daughter is starting fourth grade this year.  She Is learning disabled and has health problems.  
    She will be able to keep up since she can work when she feels her best each day.
    I am concerned about being up enough on my computer skills if she needs help sending work to  her teacher.          

  12. Carol Bryan says:

    My 14 year old son is having problems with depression and anxiety and panic attacks. The school principle is not understanding at all. They think yelling and threatening him with the court systems and truency officers will MAKE him attend school. The problems he has started having are hereditary in my family, and usually begin around the onset of puberty. I signed a paper at school today to home school my son for the remainder of this school year at least. I need any information or help anyone reading this can offer.

  13. Mary says:

    Our son is 12 and in the 6th grade.  He has been out of school since Feb 1st for an illness. The schools have a ‘home instruction’ teacher come to the house 3 times a week. 
    We have been checking out options for 7th grade 2011-2012. 
    With the struggles of having an illness where he gets bad headaches and nausea often, misses a lot of school added to junior high tortures of changing so many classes, so much noise and confusion and peer pressure problems… it would just be too much for him. 
    We have been looking at K12 and CA and we believe CA has a more individualized approach. Since our son tests above grade level in all classes we are glad to know CA has classes for gifted students.  Plus they have real text books and also use regular A B C grading.  I prefer that. 
    We are in the process of getting all the paper work together to turn in.  He is excited and looking forward to it. 
    Mary in Ohio

  14. Wanda says:

    I want to say thank you all for your comments. I feel alot better that I heard two kids have IEP. And the public school told me   that at the connection academy doesn’t offer that. My child is an IEP and he have problems everyday in public school. My child have been abuse and he is very emotional and he kids at the school picks on him. So when he say something to them or fight them back he get either ISS or OSS suspension out of school of in school suspension. I have ask for help in the public school, but know that can’t It my son problem. So they told me he need to learn to deal with the kids. That’s not fair to my kid. Again thank you so much.

  15. Kylie says:

    I’m now enrolling in the 12/13 school year… and I have a sort of stupid question… how many electives does an 8th grader receive? Thanks a bunch!

  16. Dan says:


    Thanks for asking! This is a great question. Our eighth graders can take 2 elective courses for credit, but can enroll in an unlimited number of extracurricular clubs and activities. This lets students engage with unique subjects without overburdening them. Our teachers will gladly help you figure out what makes the best balance for your child!

    Enjoy, and let us know if you have any other questions.

    Connections Academy

  17. Jean says:

    We enrolled Sam in WCA in the Fourth Grade. He attended through the Eighth Grade. Prior to attending WCA Sam was attending a small public school in NE Wisconsin. He had 14 students in his class, but not much positive was happening in the classroom for Sam. We feared he was falling behind his grade level despite good grades on his report card.

    When Sam started Fourth Grade at WCA, it was soon clear he was not at grade level in many subjects and we found huge gaps in his learning. Fourth Grade was a “catch up” year. I really liked that WCA started a math book on page one and finished on the last lesson. He could be sick one day, but he still had to do the lesson. No gaps in learning. That’s accountability.

    The writing curriculum built on the same principles from one year to the next.  No adjusting to a new teacher’s style of teaching writing from one year to the next.  The child who hated writing, found his “writers voice.”

    We learned as a family.  We were very connected to Sam’s learning Sam’s parents learned a lot also. We had some discipline issues, but got help from WCA.
    At the time there was no 9th grade at WCA. We went with another virtual school for Freshman year.  Let’s just say all Virtual Schools are not the same and Freshman year was horrible.

    For Sam’s Sophomore year we moved to Massachusetts and enrolled Sam in a technical high school in an engineering program. One week academics (honors and AP) and one week engineering. Sam was able to enroll at grade level or above due to WCA. He has been in the National Honor Society all 3 years and has college scholarships.

    Please view his Senior Project at http://youtu.be/DePbixxJnqk.

    Thank you Connections.

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