See What Parents Say about Midyear Virtual School Transitions

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5 Responses

  1. Lisa McBride says:

    We enrolled last year during the middle of the school year and had a bit of a learning curve for our children, but it was totally worth it. Every teacher was helpful and patient. We love Connections Academy and our three children truly enjoy learning.

  2. Sally Terry says:

    First week of CCA is done! For the most part, a good experience. We are loving the flexible schedule which leaves us more time for music practice. 

    We are still trying to figure out some things:
    Is it better to wait until after the LiveLesson before doing the lessons/quick checks/etc?  My 7th grader did one lesson/day in each class, but didn’t have a LL in math until Thursday.  I think she would have done better on the assessments is she had seen the LL first.   The teachers haven’t really said, “do this lesson on this day” so we are trying to figure out the best approach. 
    Any advice on that?

  3. Hi Sally,

    The teachers should provide a LiveLesson schedule on their Message Boards with the day and time for each session they will hold. Most teachers also offer an open office hour where students can come and ask questions about topics they might be struggling with.

    Also, remember that your student can contact their teachers at any time via WebMail and phone at any time to ask questions they may have concerning their lessons. Another resource is the After School Program that provides live tutoring assistance from certified teachers. The link is available on your child’s Connexus homepage under My Courses.

    If you wait to complete lessons, you just want to make certain that your student doesn’t have too many lessons piling up. The system will count these as overdue lessons. Too many overdue lessons can trigger the system as it calculates the hours of work your child has completed each day. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your student’s teachers. Communication is essential in online schooling!

  4. melinda says:

    New to Connections,  my daughter just enrolled, and we have two questions…
    She has 44 lessons pending, is she required to complete those assignments? She did not receive books yet.

    She is doing some work this evening can I record those hours for attendance or only hours during normal school hours 8AM-4:30PM?

  5. Dan Reiner says:

    Hi Melinda,

    Regarding your student’s pending lessons, it’s best to contact the teacher with questions. They will work with you to identify which lessons are overdue or can be skipped.

    Attendance can be recorded at any time, it does not have to be during normal business hours.

    Best wishes, and welcome to Connections Academy!

    – Dan

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