5 Fun Summer Learning Activities

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2 Responses

  1. Shelle says:

    Lian has made his summer bucket list. It is totally over the top and can’t be finished in one summer but it is chock full of all kinds of activity from rewriting famous literature using math, to exploring basic science and art. I am hoping he will have so much fun doing the activities he has chosen that he won’t notice that he is learning along the way, but as he gets older it is getting harder to hide it. =)

  2. Adreka Majors-Romero says:

    AJ is working on 4 now and we plan to do 5 @ the end of this month when we go to Columbia, SC for our 3 day JW convention. I think he may enjoy including number 2 and read the maps and signs to us on our way to the zoo. But, I will keep you posted and thanks for the summer fun tips. 🙂

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