5 Tips for Creating a Successful Online School Schedule

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  1. kimberly says:

    Very helpful

  2. Kathy Dunn says:

    Be flexible to a point. We stick to the same basic schedule each week. We change up everyday but, every Monday is the same, Tuesday is the same and so on….I let her help to dictate the schedule at the beginning of the year. She now feels like she made the decisions to do her work when she committed to it. It makes her accountable for her own decisions. We have been doing it this way since kindergarten and it seems to be working for us!

  3. Rosa says:

    I like all the tips…:) thank you for sharing

  4. Kim says:

    We have a basic schedule for when we start, end and break times.  I let the kids decide which order they want to do their courses.  It’s usually the same, but some days they just like to mix it up.  We keep it flexible, except for live lessons.  I try to make sure there are no appointments during that time, or that the kids won’t be in the middle of a lesson.  I’ve found the most important thing is to start the same time every day and schedule breaks for them.

  5. Desiree Miera says:

    I would like to know from other working mothers how they do it.

  6. Hayley McLaren says:

    Hello! I’m planning to go to Connections next year and I have a quick question, can you change the schedule at any time? I was just curious because I wanted to do a few online courses on the side but I thought it would be a good idea to see what the school year was like first in case it would make me too busy. 

  7. Anthea says:

    I agree.  This is very helpful.  Thanks

  8. Geraldine McCrone says:

    All tips sound great ,thanks for sharing

  9. Amber says:

    For Desiree ~ I’m a working single mom and have a planner laid out for the girls (twins) to go by each day. Fortunately, I’m also available for them to text or e-mail all day. I wake them before I leave the house and call them on my one-hour drive to go over the daily goals. This routine of daily goal discussions has made a difference in just the few days I’ve done this. I also call for lunch and check their completions throughout the day. There are days I might be in meetings and unable to check the computer, so I call as soon as I’m able. I’m able to check Connexus from the phone, but the screen is too small for my patience.

    Once I get home from work, I start writing on their planner for the next day, checking grades, printing items I want to make sure they have (i.e. study guides are very important!, and portfolios), for the next day. I try to do this daily, but we have a standard planner for when I don’t have time. 

    Hope that helps,

  10. misty says:

    I’m a working mom, I have been homeschooling for 3 years. This is the first year trying a virtual school. I switched my work schedule around to make room for schooling. I now work 3-9 pm 4 days a week. 

  11. This was very helpful! We are going to try some of these suggestions and see how they work! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  12. Michelle Houston says:

    Thank you for making it easy to be a coach.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I believe schedules are a very important tool in training our children’s habits including helping them become successful in life. There will always be times in life when we have to change the schedule around, but by the next day we are back on track. Consistency is the key to success and it helps take the stress off our children from falling behind. When our children grow up and get jobs, most of the time they will not be able to tell their employer when they feel like getting up or feel like working. We live busy lives these days, I myself own a business with my husband. Without everyone doing their job, it creates a stressful environment because what we didn’t do today, now gets thrown on to the next day and so on. When everything is done, you now have the freedom to do what you want and have the clarity of mind to actually have fun while doing it. Schedules also help our children stay focused because they know exactly what they have to do and when to do it. Once that is established start setting goals for them, not short term, but long term, in something they would enjoy. Teach them each day to spend time working on a goal and soon enough they will achieve the goal and learn in the process how to get their visions and dreams into reality. Successful people started off with a vision or a dream and each day set out to bring that dream into a reality and we all benefited from it. 

  14. sara says:

    When homeschooling highschool age children how much parent involvement is needed. With both parents working fulltime i’m worried that we wont be available to help our daughter enough.

  15. Kiera says:

    I work full time and would like to know if anyone has their student on an evening schedule? This will be my first time homeschooling, my student is going to be in Kindergarden. 

  16. Amy Padilla says:

    Thank you for the tips that’s what I was wondering more about the times with the schedule 

  17. Carmeleta says:

    Thanks helpful hints

  18. Crystal Hicks says:

    Kiera I work full time also but my students are in 5th and 9th grade so they can pretty much get some work done during the day. I will be helping them at night when I come home if needed.

  19. Lorey says:

    I have my son on an afternoon to evening schedule. He’s so full of energy in the morning its hard for him to sit and listen until later in the day. He’s in Kindergarten and it works great for us. I work on my jewelry in the morning and he spends time with dad during that time, since he works evenings. Schedules are very flexible, you can work on whatever class you want, in whatever order. We always get the classes for the day done that day though. We always start with hardest to easiest subjects, because I have his full attention in the beginning. His grade is VERY hands on and requires a lot of attention. INCA is a full time public school, so he doesn’t have to go to a physical location other than our home. The minimal school hrs (at least for grade K that I know of) is 25hrs per week. I love the flexibility because he doesn’t have to miss out on school for the day if we have an appointment. The course materials were sent to us, plus a lot of extra things for math, science, etc. We love INCA!

  20. Helen Onwudinanti says:

    I work full time and my husband goes to school till 1 pm. Our daughter likes to start about 8am for about 5 hours and starts again later after dinner for a couple of hours before bed ( this is her preference) and its working for everyone. She also gets time to play ( Skateborad) during the evening time.

  21. Nikki says:


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  23. Abhilash says:

    The tips shared for the starting online school.

  24. He loves school he has anxiety if his routine changes

  25. Cynthia Kazibutowski says:

    My daughter will start 11th and I’m a single mom and work two jobs. However my parents are home 24-7 with her, but they don’t speak English. Any tips? Thank you in advance.

  26. maricela says:


  27. Selin says:

    You have given a very good article here which provides the 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Online School Schedule. It is necessary to consider many factors before going to start an online school and all points are clearly given here.

  28. Tina Collier says:

    Very helpful hints

  29. Deniese says:

    Helpful hints.

  30. Alishia Hartley says:

    These are very helpful tips.

  31. christina pearson says:

    Can’t wait to get started!!!

  32. Grace K. Njoroge says:

    Really helpful information for those of new school.

  33. Madeline says:

    I have a 9th grader first time homeschooling I have flexible hours Im his grandmother and my daughter is single mother that works all day I like the fact we can schedule his start time by 10am see how that goes. we are excited to get started. thanks for tips.

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