5 Keys to Effective Parent-Teacher Communication in Virtual School

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  1. For Effective communication between parent teacher & students now schools, college and education center are using school mobile apps. Which is most useful for connecting parent teacher & students. School mobile app is beneficial for all the schools, teachers, parents & teachers. Like
    1. Benefits for the school & education center:
    Improve brand image, save communication cost & staff time for better use, save secure data, connect student-parents on one click, reduce the paperwork.
    2. Benefits for the student & parents:
    Parents get all communication, homework, school notification, images & videos of the student activities even when the student is absent. Parents pay online fees use mobile app mylyapp, net banking, credit/debit cards.

    School mobile app myly is a free for all education institutes, schools, college and university. For free Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schoola2zlive&hl=en

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