11 Kindergarten Study Tips for Online Learning Coaches

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  1. Henrietta Cook says:

    Home schooling has definite advantages. We have read a book from the library on Making Mud Pies. She spent over an hour mixing dirt and water and then taking cookie cutters and cutting out designs.

    She was very creative when finger painting. We have made hand print molds and pictures and she prints messages to me on cards and paper.

    And, we have found bugs and worms in the yard and identified them. She has just turned 5. She writes, spells, knows her colors, counts to 100 by 1’s and 10’s and counts in Spanish. She sings and takes ballet and tap and she can’t even go to school for another 8 months!

    It really is fun and I am sorry she can’t go to school yet. I do enjoy doing things with her.

  2. shenitra adams says:

    I will use the ideas here to help with my ADD/ADHD son that has a hard time focusing and so much more. I’ve used the color coding method, and it really works. We have so many years to go and so much to explore. We just have to find something that works for our family!!! 🙂

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