10 Bullying Warning Signs Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

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  1. Jerusha Richardson says:

    I have two children in Connections Academy. Both of my children suffered from the lack of supervision within their schools. Bullying is very real and as your blog noted it doesn’t stop just because a child is removed from a brick and mortar school. It truly takes diligence on the part of the parent to ensure their child is kept safe. While you may trust your child will talk to you, sometimes they even don’t realize when they are being bullied. They may just feel they are being picked on, or they are too embarrassed to say anything. I know my son felt he was older and should be able to “handle it” and “deal with it” as an older kid. He saw “bullying” as an elementary term rather as a threat to any age group.

    Thank you for your post!

  2. Manna Hedly says:

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